Three Things for Thursday: A Turquoise Apartment, A Coffee Table, A Delicious Salad

This week, I’m featuring a few things that have caught my eye around the Internet lately.

One: A Turquoise Apartment

Designer Emily Henderson is responsible for this gorgeous space.

There’s a sweet story behind it too. Henderson worked with Sunrise Living, an assisted living home for seniors, to give a home make-over to one lucky resident. Head over there to read the whole story and see the whole apartment.

My eye was caught by this little sitting room. I think it’s the casters on the chairs. Or maybe the buttons. Possibly that bright blue blanket combined with the red pillows. Whatever it is, I think it’s all perfection.

Two: A Coffee Table 

But not just any coffee table. A coffee table made with such care and attention, it can’t help but blow me away.

This is the creation of another designer, Sarah M. Dorsey. She and her husband meticulously cut long sticks of driftwood down into small slips of wood, then glued them together to create this coffee table top. The result is absolutely gorgeous!

Three: A Delicious Salad

Before you think I’m going all themed with today’s Three Things (designers!) let’s shake it up with this salad:

This is Once Upon A Cutting Board’s Roasted Spring Vegetable Salad with Arugula Pesto Vinaigrette. Even the name seems drool-worthy.

I don’t know much about arugula. I’ve never bought just arugula and, while I’ve had it in those salad mixes you can get at the grocery store, I don’t think I could pinpoint the flavour of arugula. Which is why this salad has caught my eye. One of my hopes with my food shake-up is that I’ll be able to broaden my food horizons by trying as many different foods and flavours as possible, things like vegetables I’ve never tried or experimented with. Things like arugula. So, this salad is definitely on my list of recipes to try.

What has caught your eye on the Internet lately?

0 thoughts on “Three Things for Thursday: A Turquoise Apartment, A Coffee Table, A Delicious Salad

  1. Those chairs are gorgeous – anything with tufting and some castors is hard to beat!! That table is pretty spectacular though – can't imagine how long it look! Don't think I'm a fan of arugula (can't eat those spring mix salad boxes) but I love throwing crazy greens & lettuces in smoothies. Kale, chard, spinach, mache, I'll blend up any of them!

  2. Arugula is the bomb. Start with baby arugula because the flavor is milder. My fave is full grown as it is so peppery and delicious! You guys should try a CSA, it forces you to try new veggies. It's what I'm trying with my BF this year to get more greens in him!

  3. Our one option in town is great which is good but my mom cycled through at least 6 over that past 10 years to find her favorite. The farmers market is always good to try them out too!

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