This Dusty Kitchen: Bread for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

I have come to realize that I eat a lot of carbs. For breakfast, a bagel slathered with margarine*. For lunch, another bagel, toasted with cheese all melty on top, or a tuna sandwich, or a wrap stuffed with meat and cucumbers. For dinner, spaghetti, or rice with chicken, or hamburgers with a huge bun, or pizza, or Kraft dinner if we’re feeling lazy. Of course, slathered with ketchup. (Is there any other way to eat KD?)

I love bread. I believe there is nothing better than a warm loaf, straight from the oven and dipped into chili or soup. I love every kind of pasta. Rice, I’ve taken a little longer to warm up to. It seems like every single meal we consume in our house is very heavy in at least one of the three. Obviously, we’re eating way more than the 45-65% carbs most health care professionals recommend.

Part of the problem is that my food repertoire doesn’t expand much beyond carbs. Breakfast is always wheat, lunch doesn’t seem complete without some kind of bread, and dinner? How do you make dinner without pasta or rice? 
People follow low-carb diets all the time. I have no interest in that. In fact, I have no concern about my carb consumption, beyond the amount of grains I consume. I do recognize the need for the Husband and I to start cutting out a bunch of our bread, pasta, and rice carbs and adding in more… non-carbs. (What are those?)
I guess this means more salads. More eggs maybe. More meat. More beans? Definitely more vegetables. 
It certainly means more balance.
As we were shopping last night, the Husband mentioned our diet. I was quick to correct: this is not a diet. This is an exploration of food, an expansion of our meal repertoire, a learning experience in which I focus on feeding us with new foods. Not a diet.
Do you eat as many grains as I seem to? Do you have any recommendations for me? Your favourite salad recipes? The perfect way to make chicken or steak? Do you completely disagree and think I should keep stuffing my face with bread, especially if it’s fresh from the oven?

* Yes, margarine, processed shite as it may be. All because it spreads.

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  1. I love carbs. Carbs and dairy. My default craving is carbs, dairy, or both. My daily meal plan sounds a lot like yours.

    I've heard how wonderful people who cut them out completely feel, but I don't need or want to make that sacrifice. I'm fine with a bit of moderation.

    Since carbs are such an important part of my meals, I try to avoid them for snacks. Instead of a bagel, muffin, or cookie, I'll bring an apple, veggies sticks, or almonds. In fajitas, we have black beans instead of meat/rice. With KD, we add frozen peas and spinach (you can get little frozen cubes!) to make ourselves feel slightly better about eating it.

    Since I ran out of bread last week, I've just been putting my sandwich or wrap things on lettuce instead, with a few salady additions. Salads can be awesome and filling, and not just lettuce-based!

    I'm thinking about getting a veggie cook-book to help think outside the "meat+veggie+carb" meal plan.

    Finally, you've reminded me that my bread machine can make me delicious bread without going to the grocery store. I should get on that.

  2. I didn't get into my plan much here because, for the next week or so I'm going to be doing some experimental eating while tracking my food to make sure that I will actually be getting enough. (I don't like sharing new food choices without being absolutely certain that it's going to work and provide enough calories and nutrients because I'm not a doctor, or a nutritionist, or even anything) So, hopefully next week, I'll share more about what I am actually eating and learning about!

    But, I do want to say, I am not cutting ALL grains. Just some to restore some balance to my diet. The place I'm maintaining it for sure is breakfast. Breakfast and I don't really get along to begin with, so if I cut out grains from there, I just won't eat breakfast, which, as everyone already knows, is about the worst thing you can do for your body.

    Also, I've started eating 1/4 cup of yogurt with 1/2 cup of granola topped off with as many frozen blueberries as I like. I will not give up that granola!

  3. Thanks for the link! I'm going to have to check out the whole blog I think. The salad looks amazing!

    Protein at every meal, noted! I'm going to have to fix my lunches I think… I'll sometimes do a ginormous salad and if I forget to bring a boiled egg or a handful of nuts to work, it's not exactly representing the protein very well, which means I'm STARVING by the time I get home.

  4. There are asparagus (asparagi?) sitting in my fridge at home right now! My new favourite vegetable… We never had it when I was a kid (probably because I was kind of picky), but now I absolutely love it!

    I love cooking casseroles. They're my main go-to! So… I gotta learn some new dishes for sure.

  5. That bread looks amazing, do you have the recipe posted on the blog somewhere? If you aren't feeling bad, then I wouldn't worry about your grain consumption! With that being said, we do enjoy spaghetti squash as "pasta," and I've also cut zucchini into strips like pasta, too. We enjoy quinoa, and when we have rice, we've switched to brown. I haven't tried the cauliflower mashed potatoes or pizza crust yet, but I'm planning to try them. Those are just some easy substitutions, however I still make homemade bread (of some sort) once or twice a month.

  6. Yes, moderation! I know I've been missing it, so it's what I need to get back to. I'm with you though… I could never cut out carbs completely. I know lots of people do but I love my bread. I just need to figure out how to not let it take over my whole diet.

    Yes! Break out your bread machine! There is absolutely nothing like fresh bread!

  7. I ate as many carbs as I wanted until I started suffering from some major inflammation in certain joints. Knocking out sugar and grains helped a lot, and I've lost weight too. I still eat them a few times a week, but nothing like before (bread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

    Try out some Paleo recipes (created by experts, not amateurs). They don't have grain or dairy, and many are quite delicious. You don't have to go whole-hog Paleo to use their recipes.
    (P.S. you can leave the butter on the counter in a dish so it's spreadable–it won't go bad that fast. I've done this for years)

  8. Hmph. Apparently not. I posted a soup with the bread in the background here:, but not the bread itself! That makes me think it's probably this recipe, which I posted on my old blog, years ago: It's delicious!

    I don't necessarily worry about my grain consumption more than I worry about the fact that I might not know how to feed myself and the Husband without using grains. Silly? Maybe. But, then again, I've also heard people say that they didn't know they felt terrible until they did something to change their diet. I'm always a little skeptical of that type of anecdotal evidence, but maybe. Either way, the purpose of this 'cutting out' is not to diet, but to broaden my repertoire of non-grain-like foods.

    I think I should try that cauliflower pizza crust! I have a feeling it will be a poor substitute, but perhaps I'll be surprised…

  9. Hi everyone, my name is Martina and I am a recovering carbivore.

    Hehe but seriously, I can relate to the "carbs with every meal" thing. I found it easier to slowly reduce what I had at each meal + cut out the carb grazing between meals rather than go cold-turkey.

    Replacing your reduction can be the tricky part (it's very easy to fall back on what you know when you don't know what to make). Lentils, beans and "legumes" are a good, versatile place to start when it comes to lunch and supper. Lentils, beans, chickpeas and the like are all filling, healthy and packed with protien and other nutrients. You can have cold bean salads, lettuce wrapped burritos, chili, lentil soup (yum!), and about a zillion other things. But beans can be boring too if over done.

    Sqaush are a great replacement for lots of things (zucchini for lasagna noodles, spaghetti squash for noodles etc) and can be more versatile than potatoes and yams.

    Check out some gluten free cook books or blogs (elenaspantry[dot]com is a good one)— while you don't have to go gluten/carb free the recipes might spark some ideas of what you can substitute where, and when.

  10. I'm hoping to become more familiar with lots of vegetables that have so far been completely outside of my repertoire. Squashes are among those! I've cooked with butternut squash some, but a lot of the others are complete mysteries to me. I'll also be checking out kale, brussel sprouts, leeks… Things like that! Thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely be checking out some gluten free blogs!

  11. To this day my mom's idea of a diet that will help me lose weight is to eat more (white) rice. Because more carbs will keep me from eating the "bad stuff". lol. what I found is helpful in weaning myself from excess calories is make sure that whatever I'm eating fits multiple nutritional categories. For example, beans are both carb and protein. Leafy greens are a good source of iron and fiber, you get the idea. But I still can't turn down a fresh loaf of bread!

  12. Looove the carbs. I travel for work now so I try not to eat them with breakfast since restaurant food is 100x worse than homemade food.

  13. carbs don't have to be grains! 🙂 we eat pretty gluten/grain free, with exception of buckwheat and quinoa, but still eat plenty of carbs and fats. Never felt better.

    I agree that the word "diet" is not really the proper way to refer to a person's way of eating. It assumes you're trying to lose weight. We've been on an "exploration" journey with food for about 4 years due to health issues and my best advice is to stay away from anything and everything processed and low fat. Beyond that, you just have to listen to your body. It knows best.

  14. Ha! Marie, this made me laugh!

    I definitely like the multiple nutritional categories idea. It makes sure you're getting as much of your nutritional requirements every day. I'm terrible at that…

    I can't turn down fresh bread either… and I never will be able to!

  15. Oh, yes, and I have no plans on cutting out or even reducing carbs that aren't grains! We do need them to function, after all! I don't know if I could ever go fully grain free… fresh bread will always be one of my favourite foods! But, I'm hoping that by getting rid of a bunch of those grain-based foods, I'll see some kind of health benefit!

    "Beyond that, you just have to listen to your body. It knows best."

    100% agree!

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