This Dusty Kitchen: Bread for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

I have come to realize that I eat a lot of carbs. For breakfast, a bagel slathered with margarine*. For lunch, another bagel, toasted with cheese all melty on top, or a tuna sandwich, or a wrap stuffed with meat and cucumbers. For dinner, spaghetti, or rice with chicken, or hamburgers with a huge bun, or pizza, or Kraft dinner if we’re feeling lazy. Of course, slathered with ketchup. (Is there any other way to eat KD?)

I love bread. I believe there is nothing better than a warm loaf, straight from the oven and dipped into chili or soup. I love every kind of pasta. Rice, I’ve taken a little longer to warm up to. It seems like every single meal we consume in our house is very heavy in at least one of the three. Obviously, we’re eating way more than the 45-65% carbs most health care professionals recommend.

Part of the problem is that my food repertoire doesn’t expand much beyond carbs. Breakfast is always wheat, lunch doesn’t seem complete without some kind of bread, and dinner? How do you make dinner without pasta or rice? 
People follow low-carb diets all the time. I have no interest in that. In fact, I have no concern about my carb consumption, beyond the amount of grains I consume. I do recognize the need for the Husband and I to start cutting out a bunch of our bread, pasta, and rice carbs and adding in more… non-carbs. (What are those?)
I guess this means more salads. More eggs maybe. More meat. More beans? Definitely more vegetables. 
It certainly means more balance.
As we were shopping last night, the Husband mentioned our diet. I was quick to correct: this is not a diet. This is an exploration of food, an expansion of our meal repertoire, a learning experience in which I focus on feeding us with new foods. Not a diet.
Do you eat as many grains as I seem to? Do you have any recommendations for me? Your favourite salad recipes? The perfect way to make chicken or steak? Do you completely disagree and think I should keep stuffing my face with bread, especially if it’s fresh from the oven?

* Yes, margarine, processed shite as it may be. All because it spreads.

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