Stairs and Project Attic of Awesome: Rising to the Occasion

We’re kind of far off from getting our stairs for our new attic space. In fact, the Husband and I have both acknowledged the possibility that we might arrive at more or less the end of the renovation still using the temporary stairs the Husband’s dad built for us. They’re pretty serious temporary stairs but, none-the-less, meant to be temporary.

However, we’ve already decided that this is among the projects we’re going to hire out. In order to make sure we get the best looking stairs we possible can, we’re going to put the job out to someone who knows, intimately, what they are doing. So, because it’s something we’re going to have to order, I’m well aware that the time for decisions on what those stairs are going to look like is going to come up a lot faster than I expect.

It’s time to think about it now.

So, some options!

We could go with something completely classic and, in being classic, safe:

I’ve always loved the high contrast look, a crisp white with a dark wood. And, these days, I’m contemplating the possibility of putting a soft carpet on the floor, so perhaps the runner would provide an appropriate transition. 
Or, perhaps instead of a wooden railing, we should consider wrought iron:
On Sunday, we stopped in briefly at an open house on our way home from church. It was one of these huge top-ups, once a bungalow, now a million dollar luxury home. The builders had decided to use wrought iron and wood for the railings. It was a look that, until I saw it there, I hadn’t even considered. But, as we wandered up and down through the shiny levels, from basement to second floor, the wrought iron felt kind of perfect. It made the space feel more open and airy. An option, certainly.
And, then, sometimes, I consider something on the extreme edge of modern:
Specifically, the horizontal orientation of the railing and the wide openness of the stair treads catch my eye. Unfortunately, as much as I enjoy considering the option, indulging a fantasy of the ultra-modern, perhaps, this type of stair isn’t actually an option. We already know that the space beneath the stairs will be closet and nothing but. It’s where our washer and dryer are, after all, and I can’t wait to get them hidden behind a wall. 
So, no open stairs for us. 
More than likely, we’ll end up with a combination of styles. Perhaps the classic, high contrast stairs combined with a horizontal, wrought iron railing? Perhaps.
Are there any other styles of stairs I should be considering, especially considering how small our space is? Which do you like best?

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  1. I think if you're still thinking about resale value then traditional is best (and the look I prefer). I also think they'd fit best with the other elements of your house (like the kitchen).

  2. It's my favourite too! Still a traditional, classic look, but with the added openness of the thinner spindles that our tiny house needs.

    I would love to do some storage like that, and we might work some in, but we'll need two doors under the stairs. One to access the washer/dryer, one to access the closet space beside it. I'm so excited for all the closet space we'll have!

  3. Ooh, something like that would be pretty cool and useful for capitalizing on the space under the stairs! We'll have to see what our options are for built in storage like that when we actually order the stairs.

  4. Agreed! I expect we'll likely end up with something very traditional, basic almost, for that exact reason. But, I think we'll definitely try to keep the railing as thin and open as possible to make the house feel open and spacious.

  5. I think you should go with traditional. Although the photo you used for traditional has some pretty simple spindles so it isn't tooooo traditional, you know? I like it! When we were house hunting so many of the houses with full gut renovations done had the wrought iron spindles and they didn't do it for me. Anyhoo – I think traditional staircases are very striking and won't go out of style. If you wanted to modernize them you could do them all white or something, but if you are paying someone to do them, I'd do stained treads and handrail and white risers. Classic.

  6. Your house has pretty traditional lines on the outside so I'd stick to something like that for the stairs – I like the picture you posted of the 'traditional stairs' as they're a bit modernized – thinner spindles that aren't the turned kind with bumps.
    As for under the stairs I suggest something like this: The Irish know about under stair storage – none of their houses have basements, so this is pretty mush the largest storage area many of the houses have.

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