Project Attic of Awesome: Why this, why not that?

This post has been sponsored by Hitachi mini diggers. I’m assuming we would have to use one just like it if we ever decided to go ahead with a more major renovation. While this may be a paid post, all words are my own.

We didn’t get very far on our attic renovation last weekend. It’s kind of a funny story actually… the Husband and I were so excited about getting out in the garden on Saturday that we could think about nothing else until every weed was pulled and every seedling planted. “Monday,” the Husband said. “We’ll do the rest of the framing upstairs on Monday.” That’s the benefit of having a long weekend, right?

So, we spent the day in the garden on Saturday, and enjoyed a second day off visiting with my parents on Sunday. Monday morning, we pulled on our work clothes and dragged ourselves reluctantly upstairs.

“Home Depot, first thing,” the Husband said. “We need a little more wood.”

“Home Depot?” I said. “I don’t think so.”

Naturally. Everything was closed. Reluctantly, we took another day for ourselves.

This means I have no update for you. We’ve made no progress. This weekend doesn’t look much better, filled as it is with living, commitments, and very little renovation work. After doing so well for four weeks, we’ve fallen off track. We’re officially behind. It’s disappointing, but I always knew it was inevitable.

Occasionally, I like to think about the ‘what-ifs’ of the decisions we did not make. Do you remember when we first began to realize that our full top-up renovation wasn’t going to be worth it? We decided on the attic renovation because it was the easiest, quickest, most affordable way to get a little more square footage. But, we could have gone for another more extensive option: we could have dug down, and then built up, finishing off with a 2000 square foot home. From 600 square feet. It could have been huge.

We still could, I suppose, but we likely won’t. I have very little interest in such a large renovation. Since Danica at Country Chic Renovator has been working hard at their addition, I recognize that it’s possible, well within our capabilities as renovators, but I always find myself more interested in the spaces that currently exist rather than spaces that could exist. My imagination is captured by old, run-down spaces. It’s not sparked by the potential, the ability of a patch of dirt to sprout walls. I’d rather fix the old than build the new.

So, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever be excavating, at least while we remain here, in the Big City. But hopefully, one of these days, we’ll actually finish that attic.

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