Things for Thursday

Warm blankets, Casseroles, and a Video

This week has been a difficult one. Last Tuesday, a Facebook friend posted a photo of a missing person’s notice sitting on the dash of his truck with the caption, “Heading out of find my buddy today.” We all know the end of the story now.

I am grieving with the community of the Ancaster CRC.

One: Warm Blankets
Since we’ve been messing around with the attic and, effectively, removing all the insulation we have, and, since the weather has been unpredictable and nasty, it’s been kind of difficult to control the heat in our house. It’s cold upstairs or boiling downstairs, no in between. 
This has me thinking about warm blankets, even though the weather is warming up. Warm blankets have me thinking about cool evenings sitting on the porch all wrapped up with a glass of wine or maybe a cup of tea. Those days are coming! In fact, they’re here!
What I really want is one of these.
These blankets are made out of old saris. Shelley, the owner of, sent me a small sample of the blankets, and even in the little square format, I could tell they would be soft and cozy, perfect for cool spring nights.
Unfortunately, they’re a little pricy for me right now. Instead, one of these days, I will get around to crocheting myself a good, full-sized afghan.
Two: Casseroles

Talk about comfort. Casseroles and I get along really well. I’m not exactly sure why, but I’ve come to realize that most of the meals I make involve more than one different kind of food all mixed together. Chicken, with potatoes, with veggies? Why wouldn’t you put all of those things together in a casserole dish with some kind of gravy or white sauce and bake it for 25 minutes? 
Three: This Video

Worth a watch if you haven’t seen it yet.
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