Project Attic of Awesome: We Have Too Much Furniture

This weekend included yet another productive Saturday in the attic. At this point, we have:

  • Reinforced the roof to remove all the posts that were in the way.
  • Created the stair hole. (Holy crap, there’s a great big hole in my dining room ceiling.)
  • Reinforced half of the ceiling joists to become floor joists in the attic.

It doesn’t look like much right now, so I have no pictures for you. This is also partially due to my slight fear of falling which currently makes getting in and out of the attic a little inconvenient, especially with my camera in hand. Soon, however, we will have a set of temporary stairs that will make it all so much easier.

Today, I wanted to talk instead about what’s going on in the rest of our house.

Since we knew that this weekend would involve the dining room in some way or another, on Friday, we rolled up our sleeves and cleared the whole room out. Furniture-wise, this meant a bookcase, a dresser, a fish tank, and two arm chairs. The table and chairs? We left them there, knowing they would be easy to move as we worked.

Where on earth was all this furniture going to go in our tiny little house?


The bookshelf found a new home on a postage stamp of space beside our couch and the armchairs got shoved between the couch and the counter top and then piled with various things that used to live near our washer and dryer (which will be under the new set of stairs) or stored on top of the book shelf.

The fish tank found a new home here:

And the dresser, now piled high with boxes that used to be hidden away under it and more boxes that used to live on top of the bookcase, here:

Now, imagine all that with a thin layer of dust, the kind that you can sweep three times without completely conquering it. The kind that seems to still be settling on every surface three days later.

We’re living in chaos.

But then, I remind myself that a) it’s only temporary and b) when we’re all done, I’m going to have 300 square feet more to play with. A whole extra room to allow this stuff space. Two closets to finally store linens and table clothes and couch covers properly. Two closets to store boxes of files that have never had a proper home, and to hide away craft supplies, and fish supplies, and extra computer cords.

A little discomfort, a little chaos? It’s worth it.

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