Project Attic Conversion of Awesome: The Beginning!


Tomorrow, we start.

Well, really, we’re not starting until next week, but we’re laying down the groundwork this weekend.

We’ll be spending the morning up here in this slightly dark foreboding place, cleaning up all up, sorting it all out. Then, we’ll be off to one of our favourite hardware stores for wood. Lots and lots of wood. And electrical cable. But mostly just wood.

It’s the official kick-off.

This is our timeline. We’re not frozen to it. It’s not set in stone. And, we can identify a myriad of places where we’ll get off track. But, that ok. At least, once we get started, there will be no going back, no changing our minds. At least, once we start, we have no choice but to finish.

A Reno Timeline for Project Attic Conversion of Awesome

Week 1: Clean-up and purchase materials.
Week 2: Support ceiling joists and remove the downstairs wall by adding a floor beam and column posts.
Week 3: Reinforce ceiling joists to become floor joists.
Week 4: Re-run existing electrical
Week 5: Reinforce roof joists.
Week 6: Frame the walls and put down glorious, glorious subfloor.
Week 7: Run new electrical and, potentially, re-run some existing plumbing lines we roughed in during our last reno.
Week 8: Insulate. Spray foam!
 Week 9: Build and install stairs.
Week 10: Drywall.
Week 11: Mud and sand
Week 12: Paint.
Week 13: Put down flooring and finish off with trim.
In an effort to keep us to it, I now declare Fridays Project Attic-Conversion-of-Awesome Update Day! It needs a better name, I know. Please, leave your suggestions in the comments! 
After this weekend, our little home will be returning to the state of this blog’s namesake… bring on the construction dust! 

0 thoughts on “Project Attic Conversion of Awesome: The Beginning!

  1. So exciting! What's the access to the attic currently like? Through a hole in the ceiling? That's what we have and I often wonder how feasible it would be to make the space more accessible…

  2. Unfortunately… yes. No stairs currently existing and they're not being installed until Week 9! We will be investing in a good ladder, that's for sure! Though, I wouldn't be surprised if we moved that step up in the list.

  3. We do! Because it's not currently living space and because we're making all sorts of structural changes – removing some existing beams and re-supporting the floor and roof joists, etc. We haven't got them quite yet which is one of the reasons this weekend is just a clean-up weekend, but we should be a-ok by the time the next step comes around!

  4. so exciting jeanette! this is going to be gorgeous. i've always dreamed of a white white white attic bedroom, and i remember seeing some photos you've posted before of inspiration like this! what a great project. i wonder if you can use the slanted walls for good closets with a rod attached and curtains… just an idea. also i love the "attack the attic" name suggestion! excited for friday updates.

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