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Three Things for Thursday: Dog Beds, Dog Toys, Dog Treats, Dog Days

Dog Beds

A few weeks ago, Design Sponge shared a pet bed tutorial and I fell in love with it. 

It’s nothing I couldn’t have figured out on my own, of course, but there’s something about having someone else show you how to make something so simple that inspires you to at least want to do it. And Kingsley desperately needs a new bed. We bought him a cheap, $25 one back when he first got too big for a his crate. It’s full of holes now and not nearly as much stuffing.

I think I’ll leave off that leather strap though. He would only see it as a chew toy.

Dog Toys

Speaking of leather, I wonder how well it would work for creating dog toys.

Would the dogs have them mangled, destroyed and eaten in a matter of a few minutes as they do with most rawhide bones? Or, would a thick, tough leather be durable enough, in the right shape, to stand up to their vicious little teeth?
I expect it would be an epic fail and a waste of perfectly good leather. I will forever be on the hunt for the perfect, enthralling, inexpensive, indestructible dog toy.
I know, I’m asking too much.

Dog Treats

While we’re on the theme of homemade things for dogs…

I’ve been meaning to make homemade dog treats for a long time. But, you know how it is, right? I don’t want to make them while we still have a huge box of Milkbones to work through, but, suddenly, we’re out, we have none to give the dogs when we leave the house or go to bed and they’re looking for their daily treat. And, so, another box of Milkbones makes its way into our house. 
One day, though, I will make these. Especially since I could make them a cookie I could share with them!
Please follow!