Our garage: White and brown and shedding shingles

Our garage needs help.


Technically, it’s bones are pretty good. It’s not leaning awkwardly or anything. But its roof is peeling right off, and I find it just an ugly building. It’s too close to the house and we can’t even use it as a garage anyway – we can’t get a car down our teeny tiny driveway. On top of all that, the electrical went out in the garage last summer and we can’t figure out why and aren’t ready to call in an electrician to fix it. Sometimes I fantasize about ripping the whole thing down and rebuilding something better.

Maybe something like this:

On the other hand, the husband wants to do something like this with the garage:
How’s that for adding square footage to our home?

0 thoughts on “Our garage: White and brown and shedding shingles

  1. Wow, that idea of the added space to your home would be wonderful, I could totally see myself sitting in such a great place! Happy weekend!

  2. Option #2 looks AMAZING! I had a mini fantasy of backyard BBQs and bonfires. It would be the perfect solution if it rained or blocked the wind.

  3. I vote for your hubby's idea! I love outdoor rooms and you could totally spruce that space up with a little elbow grease. It would add some extra space to your home for the summer months and if you added a fireplace (electric or wood stove), you could even use it in the winter! We had a garage like this one once, with a wood stove, and we really used it a lot.

  4. I'm going to have to go with the others on this one… I love M's idea for the garage. It's got a lot of potential to be spruced up into a guest room with a day bed. Maybe even a quiet reading space or a home office? (That is, if the electrical stuff can be fixed at a reasonable price)

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