Three Things for Thursday: A Miscellaneous Room

Once our attic bedroom is finished, we’ll be vacating our current tiny little bedroom for the more spacious, and unique space upstairs. Of course, this means our current bedroom will be empty, a blank canvas full of possibility.

Unfortuantely, I know that filling it is going to be one of the easiest things in the world. We have three options. Somehow, I want this miscellaneous room to work hard enough that it can be all three in one.

One: The Office

I’ve been waiting for an office space for a long time. Somewhere I can close myself off from distractions and write. Or, a proper space in which I can work from home every so often. A space to organize the lives we lead on paper. A space for calendars and blank books full of inspiration. A space to corale our cords and our bills and our pay stubs and our reminders from the vet to get our pets’ shots updated.  

Two: The Guest Bedroom

This is an explicit request from my parents, but they can’t take full credit for our desire for a place to put overnight guests. Many of our friends and all of our family lives a couple hours away from us. It can be frustrating, not having a bed to offer for longer visits. We’d love to change the situation. 
Unfortunately, we know a full bed isn’t an option unless we never want to use the room for anything other than a guest bedroom. As it is, nothing fits in our bedroom other than our queen-sized bed and two bedside tables. There’s hardly even space to get dressed in the morning. So, perhaps a sofa bed is the answer.

Three: The Music Room

This desire has been recently rekindled. I’ve talked before about my itch to get a piano back in my life. For a long time, I’ve managed to stifle it. This past weekend, however, the husband and I helped my best friend move into her brand new house. The husband flexed his muscles and helped struggle her apartment-sized piano up a full flight of stairs into her living room. I may have felt a little twinge of jealousy as she carefully dusted it off.
Where is the space for all this in our tiny little house, though? 

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  1. Have you ever considered moving the dining room to the current living room and then putting the living room in one of the rooms with a pull out bed for guests? then the other room could be for office/music. But yes, I wouldnt devote a whole room for guests. pull out bed is a good option!

    either way, id be pretty excited to have an extra room!

  2. We used to have our living room in our current dining room. ( The problem with that arrangement is that we spend most of our time in living room, so I felt very cut off from the husband while I spent time cooking in the kitchen. We are SUCH open concept people.

    Noting that, we're actually going to take a wall down when we do the attic. In fact, it's one of the first steps! (We'll need to support the ceiling joists in order to take the wall down, and we'll need to do that before we can reinforce the ceiling joists so that they'll support a floor. It's handy being married to a civil engineer!) So, our main floor will have only the spare bedroom/office/music room and the bathroom as closed off rooms. The rest will be all open.

    I have been thinking of having a sofa bed in our living room, but if we're ever going to invite people over for, say, a whole weekend, I'd prefer to give them a little privacy in the form of their own bedroom.

  3. The other folding bed option would be a futon. They don't stand up to heavy use, but it's your guest room. You don't need heavy use.

    Will you be putting in new closets upstairs? If I recall, you have a whole wall of closet in there, if you're creative you might be able to fit the whole office in that closet wall. If you can do that, I'd say you definitely have space for some kind of folding bed plus your piano. Though it might be pretty crowded when the bed is open

  4. Loved our old futon for this purpose. Our polite guests said it was comfortable (compared to an air mattress or a sofa) and it folded up to reserve the whole room. We finally have a proper guest room but it is mostly a cat hiding room now…

  5. My parents have a trundle bed! To be honest though, it NEVER gets used. Perhaps it will when grandchildren start visiting them, and theirs doesn't convert to a queen… I've never seen one like that! If we could find such a thing, it would probably be perfect! Thanks for the suggestion!

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