Things for Thursday

Three Things for Thursday: My Skin, A Pretty Attic, and An Amazing Reno

One: My Skin 


 My skin sucks. This is largely because I’m not so good at taking care of it. I hate getting my face wet unless I’m getting the rest of me wet too, which means I hate washing my face unless I’m taking a shower. Usually, it’s not too bad. I don’t get any crazy teenaged break-outs anymore. But my skin isn’t super delightfully smooth to the touch, and my pores? Well. My pores. Let’s not talk about them too much, shall we?

When I started the Insanity workouts a couple weeks ago (I will talk more about this, in depth, soon! I promise!), my skin went nuts. So angry. The space between my eyebrows flaired up red and my cheeks became even more speckled. I responded by ditching all my make-up altogether in an effort to keep my skin clear and clean as much as possible. Of course, this meant I was walking around with no cover up on those little, angry red pimples at all.

Do you know how freeing that feels?

I slept in a full 15 minutes longer.

I could rub my eyes as much as I wanted. (I rub my eyes a lot.)

I could scratch an itch on my chin without filling my fingernail with powder.

My skin cleared up, slowly, but surely. It’s back to its normal, imperfect but bearable self and I’ve started throwing on a little mascara, a little blush again, before I run out the door. I haven’t, yet, been able to return to my full routine of foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, eyeliner, and mascara.

Perhaps one day, I’ll remember why I established that routine in the first place.

(I feel like I just wrote an article for Seventeen magazine. Though, I suppose if I had written an article for Seventeen magazine, there would be a whole list of products that everyone should be using and the moral of the story would be wash your face and moisturize, both things I’m not very good at doing.)

(I take that back. I moisturize daily. Mostly because I can’t stand dry skin.)

Two: An Attic in Blue

Of course I have attics on the brain. I’m sure you would expect no less of me, considering everything I’ve been talking about this week. This one is gorgeous. And blue, which seems to be the colour scheme I’m leaning towards. This also makes me wonder how expensive it would be to add in two pretty round windows, one at each end.

Three: An Amazing Reno

Image via Realty Queen TO

This renovation was recently featured on Houzz. It’s gorgeous, one of those examples of a typical Toronto home that’s been perfectly, delightfully renovated. This one has been done by a blogger I’ve been following for almost as long as I’ve been blogging, Aleksandra Oleksak. I love it, particularly the brick walls. We would love to have so much beautifully warm brick in our house.  (Check out more of the reno here!)
Obviously, brick makes no sense in our little wooden house, so even a faux brick wall is out. But one day, one day we’ll live in a brick house and it will have a brick interior wall. 
And a fireplace.
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