An Attic Moodboard

For now, we’ve given up on the idea of finding ourselves a new, larger home in the Toronto real estate market and moving in order to improve our space issues. We’ve also given up on the idea of a huge renovation that would have given us three new bedrooms and a bathroom. In other words, we haven’t yet addressed the fact that we have no space to grow in this tiny, one bedroom bungalow.

Some day, we’re going to want to grow our family. We have to figure something out.

Many months ago, before the idea of a full-size top-up ever came about, we were considering a smaller scale renovation, a high-end attic conversion including a master bathroom and walk-in closet. Our attic is decent for it, with a high enough ceiling and dormers already in place.

Since we originally considered this option, we’ve moved through a whole bunch of other ideas and plans. When everything relating to our ‘raise-the-roof’ project fell through, the husband brought the attic up again with a kind of sad little laugh. After all, if we had tackled the project when we had originally come up with the idea over a year ago, we would be happily settled into our master suite by now.

I try not to think about that too much.

Right now, we’re in the drawings phase. The husband has been slogging through the details getting it ready for permit. It’s a simpler design than it’s original conception. Just a bedroom, a set of stairs rising up into an empty space with storage and closets along the low walls. No bathroom. No walk-in closet.

It will, I hope, be gorgeous none-the-less. I envision bright white walls and lots of soft fabrics and rugs making it a warm, inviting space to spend time in. Soft blues and yellows. Strong, natural woods.

Bedroom moodboard

In an effort to get excited about something that still seems to be so far off, something that still seems to be in the conception stage, not yet part of reality, I made a moodboard!

  1. Bedside tables from West Elm.
  2. A rug from Rugs USA.
  3. Drapes from West Elm
  4. A bed with a beautiful dark wood grain from EQ3.
  5. Pillows from Tonic Living.
  6. Table lamps from West Elm.
This plan gives us one more room and a few more years in this house. Whenever I describe our decision, I describe it like this: we’ve decided to decide in a couple years. We putting off the big changes, but we know, that one day, they’ll have to come. Some day, not too far in the future, we’ll be looking around this little house as the walls close in for a second time. 
We’ll figure out what we’re going to do when that time comes.

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  1. It is large! It will be approximately 400 square feet of floor space, probably. The husband knows the exact numbers… It's the full size of our house, which is 600 square feet, but we'll build storage into the super low areas. However, 400 square feet will still include lots of area that we can't actually stand up-right in, so it will feel large, but won't necessarily be large, if that makes sense.

  2. I think this is the best option you have presented to us. I would be willing to bet that renovating the attic feels like settling right now but in the long run will probably be the best investment for your house.

  3. At this point, we think so too. In terms of investment, it's mostly a neutral one. It won't add much to the value of our home – because we'll also be taking out a wall on the main floor, our house will go from being officially a cramped 2 bedroom house to a slightly less cramped 2 bedroom house – but it will allow us the ability to stay for a few more years in order to allow us to continue to build our equity, etc. etc.

  4. I really, really like your vision. Can I ask what the rationale is for not including a bathroom? Space? Cost-benefit ratio not worth it for when you sell down the road?

  5. Yes and yes! Good question!

    First of all, because of the height of the ceiling (it's not even 8 feet at it's highest point) figuring out where, exactly to put the bathroom would be a struggle. And, because the space is large for a bedroom, but since not all of that space is useable, it would cut into the useable space considerably.

    We know that adding the half floor in won't actually increase the value of our house significantly. It will a little, obviously, but not enough to make a gorgeous master ensuite worth it.

    But, also, we also want to get it done quickly. Adding in a bathroom would add significant time onto the project. I won't say that we'll never put in a bathroom up there… in fact, when we completed our first reno, we ran pipes up into the attic to keep the possibility of a second floor with a bathroom open. If we decide we have the money, time and desire to add in a bathroom, we can down the road.

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