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Photo Friday Puppy Style

Are you here from The Mash, curious about our experience in a bidding war for a crummy house – though full of potential – that perfectly demonstrates the craziness of the Toronto housing market? Then you want this post! Though, you may also be interested in any one of the posts I’ve written about our experiences with real estate.

Or, you could stick around and check out some pictures of my dogs. Or maybe some book reviews. Maybe a recipe or two. Or a post or two about what I wish my living room looked like. 

I haven’t done a Kingsley update in a long time, I know.

He’s gotten pretty big. About the size of a large border collie, I would say. The size of a wheaten terrier. (He might have a little wheaten in him!) He takes up half the couch, a quarter of the bed, an eighth of the living room floor. He’s got sit-and-stay down pat as long as there’s a treat in the deal for him. The dog park is his favourite place in the world. He still jumps on people when he gets excited, but I think he’s learning that it’s a bad thing to do. He hates his halter collar, but he’s learning to tolerate it for the sake of the walks. He wishes Mocha would play more and sleep less. He loves the taste of our brand new couch. During the day, while home alone, he pulls all the pillows and blankets off the couch and makes a nest in the middle of the floor.
He still loves to snuggle. My boy, the snuggler.

And then, there’s Mocha. She sleeps between us on the bed, as snuggled in as she can be, sometimes right on top of my shoulder. She’s learn to roll over, play dead, shake a paw, and high five. She likes the dog park too, but not as much as Kingsley. She would prefer to stay home and snuggle or go for a nice long walk with plenty of sniffs. Her favourite toy is a yellow squeaker ball that she hasn’t managed to destroy yet. Sometimes it rolls under the dresser or the kitchen cabinets and she whines until we take notice and get it for her. She loves the taste of our brand new couch too, especially once Kingsley starts in on it. She sleeps a lot.

She loves to snuggle too. My girl, the snuggler.

Happy Friday! We’re going house hunting this weekend. A different sort of house hunting, but house hunting none-the-less. Details to come, Monday! (Hopefully. Hopefully Monday.)

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