Gardening and The First Day of Spring

This time last year, my tomatoes and peppers were a month into their growing cycle. They were starting to fall over because they were getting so tall in their little peat pots.

This year? Well. Not so much. I haven’t even managed to take an inventory of what I have versus what I need to buy. With the official arrival of spring today, though, I’m feeling a little bit like I completely lost my chance to plan and ponder. If I want to get plants from seed in the ground this year, it’s time for a little action.

This year, I want more spinach, more jalapenos, less chili peppers, less tomatoes, more root vegetables, more squash, more herbs, and less cilantro.

In other words, no cilantro.

This is what last year’s garden plan looked like.

This year… do you think it’s safe to fly by the seat of my pants?

Have you planted your indoor seeds? Got your garden plan ready? Am I as far behind as I think I am?

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  1. Last year I had the highest of hopes for my garden, then things all went to hell. The peas burnt, the tomatoes & peppers got bugs, the zucchini and cucumber went nuts and we couldn't eat it all. The winter squashes took over the garden, flowered, grew fruit, then died. The herbs got eaten by the dog, the carrots were miniature, and I produced so many hot peppers with one plant that I could have supplied Mexico with hot sauce. This year I am planting a perennial flower garden, some herbs and (maybe) a tomato plant or two bought from Fiesta Gardens. None of which requires me to do any work until May. Sigh.

  2. I haven't started my seeds yet, though I need to. I usually plant a combination of starts and seeds, depending on what it is. Luckily here in Portland things just want to grow. I do have a plan, which I didn't the last two years. So I'm feeling more hopeful about our food production this year. What's wrong with cilantro?! Haha!

  3. Oh wow… your experience was so much like ours last year. Except that we couldn't get the cucumber to do anything and we had way too many cherry tomatoes. I had enough success with it all last year that I'm ready to try again this year though. We'll see… perhaps we'll learn from some of our mistakes! *cough*waterthedamngarden,self*cough*

  4. There's nothing wrong, specifically, with cilantro… we just don't like it! Or, rather, the Husband doesn't like it, and I feel kind of ambivalent towards it. But, we only properly learned this when we planted way too much of it last year!

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