Three Things for Thursday: Attics, Winter Fitness, and Books

One: Attic Bedrooms

I have talked about attics on this blog before and I can pretty much say at this point that you’re going to hear a lot more about them in the future. If that’s not clear enough for you, I’ll just say it straight: we are returning to an idea hatched, like, a year ago, that involves a very simple attic conversion from wasted and badly-insulated space into a cozy master bedroom.
There’s lots of awesome-ness about this idea, but the biggest reason we’re moving forward with it is to make our tiny home more liveable and buy us time (in the form of years) as we figure our real estate shit out. But, more on all that next week.

Two: The Winter and My Health

I have been feeling dowdy lately. I’m sure at least some of you can understand my sentiments. I’m usually pretty active, taking the dogs for long walks, running when I have the time, and eating as healthily as I can in between. But something about January to March changes that. All I want to eat is pasta and breads and cookies and cheese, and cup after cup of hot coffee. Now, don’t get me wrong: I don’t believe any of those things are bad for you, and you will never find me permanently cutting carbs, dairy, or coffee out of my diet. I believe in balance, moderation, and not denying yourself the foods you enjoy, but rather learning to control your consumption.  
Unfortunately, I lose my control in the winter months, when everything is so grey, so cold. Even worse, I stop moving. 
But! Now it’s March. It’s time to change that, kick myself back into gear, back to cooking healthy dinners, and taking the dogs for runs when I can. And, I’m trying out the Insanity thing. You know – Shaun T? The new thing since P90X? The Husband used the videos last year with good results and my reluctance to go outside in the cold has finally caused my resolve against it to crumble. 
So… we’ll see how it goes. ‘Cause I need to get moving again.

Three: Books

I am still reading as much as I can. And I am still glaring at our book setup, our inadequate bookshelves, and dreaming of a proper library. Like this one! It’s gorgeous. Though there better be at least one more bookshelf if I want to display a few tchotckes on them along with the books…

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  1. Ikea sells shelves designed to install on sloped ceilings! Or you could install low book shelves along the low side walls. What I am saying here is you make a gorgeous bedroom surrounded by books!

  2. Ooh! I did not know this!

    Once we get the attic finished, we will likely be moving a lot (most) of my books up there, especially since attics, by their nature, have all sorts of nooks and crannies that aren't useful for much besides storage. So, yes! One day, my bedroom will be a library!

  3. Are you taking vitamin D? I have to up my dose big time in winter now that I don't live in the southern U.S. It keeps my energy up.

    We have a converted attic with sloped ceilings–I store my books up there on squat shelves.

  4. Can't wait to hear more about your renovation plans! And love the idea of having a library in your bedroom!

  5. God I share your winter blues. I just ate a plate of grease, have been feeling the effects of the flu for the last three weeks and have not seen the gym in more than a month. Spring help me. Like your attic idea!

  6. Hi! I'm a new reader, but really interested, as I too am a technical writer living in Ontario (Ottawa, to be precise). Not quite there on the home buying yet, but in a few years, who knows (here's hoping that bubble does pop, and here's to saving up two-incomes-with-no-kids til then!). I like reading your reflections and process, and it's inspiring how much you've done with a small space and a budget; gives me hope!

    Totally with you on the winter blahs, especially March. I too want to do nothing but eat carbs and dairy, and since we try not to buy too much Mexican produce, it's hard to get much veggie content that's not same-old same-old. We're still working our way through frozen peppers bought at a southern Ontario farmer's market in the summer, but it's getting tiresome.
    As for getting outside, I suggest cross-country skiing! I try to go a lot in the winter, and it helps me feel more active. This year I've been pretty uninspired to go unless the snow conditions are just right… which is silly. March is especially hard though, because the conditions are especially bad!

    Also, with regard to Casey @ Waffling's comment and your reply, I'm imagining a cozy attic corner featuring ceiling-to-floor books and a comfy chair. Mmm.

  7. It would be wonderful to have bookshelves like that. You can get some lovely custom made ones so they can fit your books just the way you want them!

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