Things for Thursday

An Early Three Things for Thursday

I know, it’s Wednesday! Whatever. Today’s Three Things for Thursday is dedicated to the things I should be thinking about, but that I’m not, not really.

One: My Garden

This time last year, I was jumping the gun on my seedlings because I was so excited to plant a garden. This year? Meh. Maybe it’s because the end of the season came around too fast and blind-sided me this past fall. I never even got my carrots out of the ground – though for good reason. They were disappointingly small and greater numbers than I would have liked came up half eaten by tiny, white spiders.

Either way, it’s almost time to plant seedlings. I’m ok for a few weeks yet, but I seriously I hope I can find some motivation to get a garden plan going soon.

Two: Writing

This one hasn’t been totally out of my head. Since November, I’ve thrown out most of my novel, but I have about 13,000 words that I kept to work with. I like it better than the rest of the 50,000 words, but I have no idea where it’s going. Which… inevitably means that I avoid writing as much as I can without making myself feel too guilty about neglecting it.

Three: DIY

Yeah, there’s been none of that going on around here lately. I even have projects to do! We need some more bookcases because our two are measly in comparison to the number of books I own, and I have plans to pick up a couple cheap, white Billys from Ikea and paint them whatever colour I want. And then, I have about five dressers to make-over. And a bed to sell and replace. And then, there’s all the little things that we must do in order to sell the house just in case we happen to buy something else.

So, I’ll admit it. We’re house hunting. House hunting takes up a shit-load of head space, guys.

Tell me: how are you all doing? What are you thinking about these days?

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