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Real Estate Doesn’t Care That It’s Your Dream House

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that we put in an offer on another house last night. We’re in kind of a weird place. If you were to ask us if we’re officially house hunting, I’m not sure we would say yes. And yet… perhaps we are?

Image of one of our favourite neighbourhoods from Google Maps.

Anyway, this house was totally different than the last house. For starters, it was in better shape, though still old, still in some serious need of updating. It was three storeys, split into two gorgeous, light-filled apartments with soaring ceilings and gorgeous original details. And, it sat, regally, on the edge of our favourite park, the park we take our dogs to almost every other day. We could open the front door, send them out and watch them run down the hill to the dog park gate. (Not that we would. I have a feeling some people would not be so happy about that.)

This house was also a stretch. A max-ourselves-out kind of stretch. While two weeks ago we were talking about buying cheap in order to hold on to our current home, with this house, we were selling ASAP in order to scrape together a down payment and increasing our mortgage by as many years as we could.

But, this house was a house to grow into. A house to send roots down into and create memories that span years. Sometimes, I wish we had bought The House two years ago. But, two years ago, I was assuming The House wasn’t going to be anywhere close to the city. Oh, how we change.

When we threw our offer in – asking, all we could manage even though our realtor warned there likely wasn’t a point if we couldn’t find another few $10,000 – there were 4 others. When we last heard from our realtor around 8:30 last night, there were 8. We sighed, let our dogs out for their last pee before bed and turned in. Needless to say, our little white bungalow is not going on the market just yet.

And, this is where we’re at: we’re looking for that house that could be the house to grow into. The house we’re willing to stretch for. We may not find it in the next couple weeks. We may not find it in the next couple months. It may take us a couple years to find it. Unless we find that house, or come across another real estate investment venture that will be worth it, we’re staying put.

It’s been a stressful, distracting couple of days. I’m looking forward to going back to normalcy.

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