Book Review: Every Day, Every Hour by Nataša Dragnić

I bring you this book review today in honour of Valentine’s Day. I don’t read a lot of romance, or at least, not a lot of romance in the traditional, Harlequin-romance, 50-shades-of-oh-my sense. I know I read one Danielle Steele book once when I was in grade 6 or so and there’s plenty of romance in the books I read, but I don’t read, specifically, romance.

This book, though. This book is a romance. A beautifully written romance with plenty of literary value, perhaps, but it is, without a doubt, a book to read for the beautiful, aching love. So appropriate for Valentine’s Day

Every Day, Every Hour
by Nataša Dragnić

Dora and Luka are children together, best friends, soul mates. And then, Dora’s family moves away. Years later, after they have both forgotten each other, but not forgotten the connection they shared, they meet again and everything is beautiful and perfect and the world is right.

It doesn’t stay that way.

Of course, this book was a beautiful exploration of love and the concept of soul mates, but even more, for me, it was about choices. Luka and Dora are pulled apart by other people’s choices, choices they have no control over, but it is their own choices that keep them apart and affect all the people around them. It’s a beautiful exploration of love and the way it can bring us to life or bury us in misery, but it’s also an exploration of how that life or misery is a choice – even when we are desperately in love, foiled love – and not out of our control.

I was impressed with the direction the author took this story in. She could have left her characters in utter, beautiful misery. But instead, she seems to choose to embrace the beauty in those imperfect lives, in those lives full of disconnect and desperate love.
Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Silly love.

PS. I am trying really hard to write a review for every single book I read in 2013. Some of those reviews will appear here. All of those reviews will appear on Goodreads. I love talking about books, so if you ever want to chat about any of the books I’ve read, please comment or shoot me an email!

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