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Thursday Things: Vintage Kitchens, Big Scarves, and the Joy of Books

One: Vintage Kitchens

Over the weekend, we spent a lot of time talking about how we could make this house work for us. We were going to move into it just the way it is, slanted floors, cracked ceilings and everything, and live through the reno. As we waited for news the night of offers, I scoured Pinterest for vintage kitchens and ideas to make that little space work for a few months. 
When our offer was not the winning offer among 20 – it was, in fact, $100,000 off what we would have needed to offer in order to get the house – this is where the disappointment was felt most keenly. Don’t get me wrong: I love our little kitchen. But every so often, I wonder what it would be like to take a less-than-ideal kitchen, a run-down, rough-around-the-edges kitchen, and make it work. Would I have the skills, the patience, the creativity to make it not only functional, but beautiful? 
I don’t know. But one day, I would love to try. There is something so charming, so sweet, so personal about vintage kitchens. 

Two: Big Scarves

My brother- and sister-in-law gave me a ginormous scarf for Christmas. It’s pretty – a black and white geometric pattern with bright coral edging. I love it. But, I’ll admit, it took me a while to get comfortable wearing it. It’s huge. I would wrap it around my neck and stare at this pile of material resting on my shoulders and my chest. I watched a couple videos to try to figure out what I was doing wrong. It helped, a little. But still, to me, it looked floofy and silly and not at all like all the inspiration photos of women in scarves I had pinned. 
And then, I figured it out. There was nothing wrong with how I was putting the scarf on. It did, however, have everything to do with the confidence I had in my ability to pull such a statement piece off. So, what did I do? I wore it. That’s it. I put on a simple long sleeved shirt with my black work pants and wrapped that bright, eye-catching scarf around my neck. I may have played with it a little more than normal once I got to work, but as the day went on, I gained more confidence in my ability to pull it off.
Today, I’m grateful for it. According to Google, it’s -13 degrees Celsius outside right now. For the first day this week, I’m not sitting in my office freezing my butt off. It’s keeping me nice and warm, and looking cute too, if I may say so.
(I am also wearing tights under my jeans – which I chose even though it’s not casual Friday because denim is thicker than any dress pant material – and socks with my heels – black, of course. And, when I head home, I will bundle myself up in a super-thick, 30-year-old sweater that my Oma made for my teenaged mother, my winter coat, a second scarf over my face, hat on my head, hood pulled up and fluffy mittens on. The only exposed skin will be my eyes.

Three: The Joy of Books

This video is fascinating. The books dance.

I agree – even though I love my Kobo, there’s nothing quite like a real book.

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