A Project Raise The Roof Update

On Thursdays, I usually talk about three things because Three and Thursday and Things makes alliteration and I’m a huge fan of alliteration. But these days, I’ve been thinking about just one thing.

What the heck are we doing with this house?

I don’t know.

Months ago, we shared with you our plans to raise the roof and add three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 600 square feet with a second floor addition. And then, I went silent about the whole thing. We were in the permitting process for a while. We submitted some plans to the city, had them send them back because they were missing things. Sent some more. In the meantime, we kept researching. We talked to some contractors, got quotes, eyed MLS for comparables and prices, contacted realtors and talked and talked and talked.

I’m going to apologize to all my readers who happen to be in real estate when I make this generalization: realtors are unreliable. At least, if you’re not immediately making them money, they’re unreliable. The first one we invited came, toured the house, gushed about the work we’ve done, promised she would drop off a package of estimates and comparables the next day, and then disappeared.

It was almost the same story with the second realtor. He plead family emergencies and disappeared, but only after the Husband spent numerous emails and time trying to get a number out of him, just an estimate.

The third realtor came through. She sat in our kitchen and talked plainly about our plans, about the numbers, about the real estate market. She gave us concrete information that we could use. When she left, we hemmed and hawed for a few more weeks. Then, we threw the plans out.

As much as our little bungalow is calling for a second storey it is just not worth it. The apartments behind us and the house’s small footprint are strikes against it that even the most beautiful renovation couldn’t make disappear. Unless we were willing to build out as well as up, the numbers just weren’t lining up.

So, now we’re left wondering what to do. We know this house is not sustainable for us in the long run. We’re already busting at the seams and, while we have no current, concrete plans to continue growing our family, the last time we added to it, it wasn’t exactly planned well in advance. A home office is still out of the question. We need more space – maybe not right now, but in the very near future.

So, what do we do? Sell and buy, make the move? Build anyway? Purge and reorganize?

We’re confused. We’re still talking. We’re figuring it out. One day, something will happen.

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