Photo Friday: It’s time for canvases

I think I should begin a collection of photo canvases. Surely I can find just one or two of my photos that I like enough to to hang on my walls. Surely. Surely.

I have all sorts of stuff to talk about, but nothing I’m ready to blab about here. Our days have been full of work and talking and dog walking and reading and talking and soups and salads and falling asleep on the couch and dreaming and sleeping and talking. I hope you’ve all had a great week and, in the same breath, I hope you’re all happy that Friday is finally here.

Now go. Read someone else’s blog, someone who has something more interesting to say. And then, when 4 or 4:30 or 5 rolls around, or whatever other time you get out of the office, start your weekend off right, and then have a wonderful one.

I’ll see you, back here, on Monday. I promise I’ll have something more interesting to say than this.

(We’ve been a little bit like that stalk this week, being tossed so vigourously by the wind, but remaining ever so firmly attached to our roots. I am grateful for our roots.)

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