New Year

New Years Day

We’ve said goodbye to our guests. The dishwasher is running for the first time and the second round of dishes are stacked neatly beside the sink waiting for their turn. The dogs are sleeping on the couch in positions that look so awkward, but they’re so out of it, they don’t notice. My eyes have that itchy, I-haven’t-slept-enough kind of ache and we’re just about to fire up the Netflix and settle in for an afternoon of recovery and X-Files. Or maybe Bones. Possibly some Misfits so we can get our fill of inappropriate British humour. ‘Cause that’s the best kind.

2012 was a good enough year, I guess.

What about 2013?
  • I will get more pillows for my couches.
  • I will smother my dogs with hugs and kisses. Maybe I will make them cute sweaters against my husband’s wishes. 
  • I will read 20 books. Or maybe more.
  • I will go camping. I love camping. So much. 
  • I will hang out with friends as much as I can. Maybe I’ll even try to make some new ones this year. Or maybe I’ll try to make the ones I have closer.
  • I will kiss my husband every day.
  • I’ll make myself an afghan. 
  • We will figure out what we’re doing with the house and put whatever plan we decide into action. 
Once I have more energy, perhaps I’ll think of some goals that will actually push and stretch me, goals that will actually be hard but worth it. I don’t make resolutions, but goals I think are a good thing to have. Are you making goals? What are they?
Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you rang in the new year with style and grace and plenty of champagne!
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