Christmas tree

Photo Friday: The Christmas Tree

If I wanted to show off our Christmas tree, I should have done it before Christmas, right? I mean, that’s the point – share how ours looked so you can gain some inspiration and a few creative ideas. But, I didn’t share it before and I am going to share it now. We took it down yesterday in order to fit a new ginormous purchase that needed the space it was taking up, but that’s besides the point.

I liked our Christmas tree. This is the third year we’ve had it and the first year the ornaments have actually stayed on it. Mocha has learned and the kitty has stopped playing the accomplice. Perhaps next year, I’ll actually purchase a few ornaments to which I’ll attach some sentimental value.

This year, as well as the red and silver baubles we purchased in our first year, I added a few twine wrapped balls and the thread wrapped V I made for my fall vignette. And then, nestled among the branches, we shoved a cheap dog toy, the kind we knew would be destroyed in no time flat – and was, well before Christmas too.

The only other slightly unique ornament is this, a chunky salt dough bone with Mocha`s name on it. I made it last year, along with a whole whack of other salt dough ornaments that didn`t turn out so well. I love this one though. Kingsley needs an ornament now too, but, despite my best intentions, I never got around to it.

I have lots to show you next week. We spent a good portion of this week on the house. There are some new purchases to share, some exciting new additions to the guts of the house and a few plans I`m looking forward to telling you about. See you next week!

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