Kingsley and Nan

I found this photo buried in my photobucket albums. It’s from about a month ago. We had met up with Meagan from Row House Nest at the dog park and these two just didn’t stop playing the whole hour or so we were there. Kingsley has gotten even more energetic and crazy the past few weeks, but somehow, even more lovable. He has a serious cuddle streak in him that I just adore.

Hopefully, I’ll get some updated puppy photos for you guys soon. Kingsley has pretty much doubled in size and Mocha got a hair cut this week, so she is looking her best these days. I haven’t been struck with much of an urge to pick up my camera lately. Perhaps Christmas will change that.

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I’m missing some. I know it. I’m probably missing my favourite ones. Help me finish this list, guys! Who else has dogs that we love to virtually snuggle over the series of tubes that is the Internet?

0 thoughts on “Kingsley and Nan

  1. I mention our dogs a lot, but I rarely post photos. I think this was the last photo of Freckles (aka- Helper Dog), and Dots just photo-bombs my house tours.

    I love Cody from Merrypad, and would bride Emily with a venti mocha to snuggle him.

  2. Brooklyn is very flattered to be included in your puppy round up! I have felt the same way lately about photos. My Nikon's batteries died after our honeymoon (Early Oct-ish) and I have not recharged yet. I have been only using my iPhone! I am making an early New Years Resolution to dust that camera off and get back at it!

  3. Awwwww MISS NAN! Love that the picture is of their JAWS attacking each other. Hilarious! Nan is hyped for their playdate. I love dogs on blogs. That is it.

  4. My boxer loves his Bionic Stuffer, worst name. However the company will replace the toy for up to a year and if any of the rubber it is made from is ingested it isn't toxic or harmful to their digestive systems. 🙂

    Also, My boy has had his for 6 months and he is a champion destroyer, and it is still pristine.

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