Things for Thursday

Three Things for Thursday

One: Dog Toys

Last night, I posted this on Instagram:

Yup. Mocha’s Kong, split in two like it was nothing. Mocha loved the Kong because it bounced, but she was particularly good at losing the thing, so it has lasted her almost her whole life. But now… we’ll still allow it for a little while longer, but it’s shooting home the frustrating time we have with dog toys. Every time we buy a new toy, especially one with a squeaker, she has it destroyed in 15 minutes. We’re hesitant to spend money on them to get a good quality one knowing that most toys will end up in her stomach – she is particularly fond of chewing them into little pieces and swallowing them, especially the ones with squeaky rubber.

(One day, this habit of hers is going to land us with a hugely expensive vet bill. Or a dead dog. I try not to think about this too hard.)

Now that we have two dogs in the house, having good toys for them, especially for Kingsley and his crazy puppy energy seems even more important. So, last night, I turned to Twitter and Facebook for a little help. This is what I learned:

  1. Kong makes a black version of their toys that is supposed to be tougher for the extreme chewers like Mocha. I was vaguely aware of this, but after so many people recommended it, I think we’ll be replacing this red one with a tough black one. Additionally, they may replace the Kong once – but not a second time. 
  2. There exists a store called Bark and Fitz in various places in Ontario, but unfortunately not Toronto, that will, I hear, replace their toys if the dog destroys them. The friend who suggested this noted that these toys tend to be a little more expensive. If they’re going to guarantee them for the lifetime of the dog, though? Totally worth it. Of course, I need to confirm this. They may have a similar deal to Kong’s guarantee that they’ll replace the toys a certain number of times. After all, they do need to be profitable.
  3. Nylabone. We got a couple of these for Kingsley, which Mocha, of course, stole, and then proceeded to eat. She got halfway through it before I reread the package and discovered that, even though they’re in the shape of a bone, they are not edible. Seriously, our dog has a gut of steel. I may look for a harder one for Mocha (we got puppy ones, since they were meant for Kingsley) and see how that goes.
  4. Deer antlers. This I can agree with! Mocha used to have a deer antler, scavenged by a coworker, and she loved it. We lost it somewhere in the move from the condo to the house, much to my disappointment. My only concern with all bone-like toys is our floor. Will it scratch?
I know I have plenty of dog-loving readers. Do you have any other suggestions? A toy we absolutely should splurge on because Mocha will not be able to destroy and she will absolutely love it? Please, share!
Two: Libraries

I said once that I find bookcases of books in homes to be kind of ugly. Books are shabby. Shelves of them look disorganized and messy. 
I would like to take that sentiment back.
Also, I really want that couch.
Three: Libraries of a different sort

On the weekend, I took a video of the Parliamentary library. I’m not a particularly good videographer (rookie mistake, holding my phone the wrong way…), so I highly doubt that it fully captures the grandeur of that place. But it is, I believe, the perfect library.

If you ever have a chance to go visit, do, just so you can experience that library.

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