Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Schedule on NaNoWriMo

I failed at tracking my stats for you. You probably don't care how many words I wrote yesterday. (It was my worst day in a long time.) But, I am still on track! This is where I'm at as of last night:

Day 12
20,356 written
29,644 words to go

6:15 Alarm goes off. Ignore it for half an hour unless Kingsley whimpers in his crate and it's my turn to wake up with him. 

6:45 Get ready. This involves showering, or at least splashing water on my face, getting dressed, putting on enough make-up to hide my pale, exhausted looking face, and either eating or packing breakfast and lunch. This may involve making coffee and pouring it into a traveller if I have time. This also involves packing my little red laptop, assuming I have, wisely, plugged it in the night before. The laptop is important.

7:30 Out the door. Down the street. Catch the bus. Flash my metropass. Squeeze into a seat between two people trying to spread out as much as they possibly can. Catch Subway Number 1. Probably stand.

8:00-ish Catch Subway Number 2. Get a seat. This always happens on this particular subway unless the TTC is having a very bad day. Pull out my little red laptop and turn it on. It loads up super fast because we installed Linux on it. Don't ask it to run a web browser, but Open Office? It's totally got this. Write like mad because there is absolutely nothing else to do for the 20 minutes that I'm on this particular subway. Finish with approximately 600 new words.

8:20-ish Save NaNoWriMo.doc. Close Open Office. Shut down the laptop. Stick it back in my bright yellow commuting bag. Go pick a bus to ride the rest of the way to work. 

8:30-ish-12:00 on the dot Don't do anything related to NaNoWriMo. Except update my word count. And check the forums. Once. Well, maybe twice. Work. Write technical stuff. Maybe a little marketing piece or two. Maybe have a meeting. Think about how doomed my story is pretty much the whole time.

12:00 Lunch time! I've been doing my best to keep my blogging confined to the time in which I eat whatever I have brought with me for lunch. Occasionally, like yesterday, if I have a quick post planned, I'll get it written up and posted in about 15 minutes at the start of the day. If I have nothing planned, I'll wait until noon to figure it all out. This is different than pre-NaNo; I used to like to get things up as quickly as I could in the mornings. Now? I'm giving myself a little leeway.

1:00-4:30 Work, work, work. More writing. More editing. More various little bits of work related shtuff.

4:30 Climb on a bus. Then, Subway Number 2. Pull out the little red laptop. Power it on. Open NaNoWriMo.doc. Write, write, write. Finish with approximately 400 new words. Catch Subway Number 1, then the bus.

5:30 Get home. Greet the puppies. Snuggle the kitty. Hug the husband. Debate with my fridge about what supper should be tonight. End up with cheese and crackers. 

6:00-9:30 Write. Procrastinate. Visit the Toronto region NaNoWriMo forums. Maybe pop onto the chat room. Check Facebook, Blogger, Twitter. Read some inspiring blog posts and articles about World Issues. Write another sentence. Gripe to the husband about how I hate my story and how it's so boring and how I don't know how to save it and how I'm a terrible writer and should really just give up. Update my word count on the NaNoWriMo site every 50 words. Slog on. Get distracted by whatever the husband is watching on Netflix. Let Kingsley in and out about 5 times. Glare at my fridge every 20 minutes. Write another sentence. Hit my word count goal and quit immediately. 

9:30 Put my laptop down. Take the dogs for a walk, maybe. Watch something mindless on TV. Go to bed early. 

6:15 Start over.


  1. Well, you're doing better than me. Once again, I've basically abandoned the project. I can't figure out what needs to be done to finish. The story has just died for me.

  2. I care!! So awesome that you are still going strong!

  3. Thanks Danica! I'm not sure if strong is quite the word for it, but going, yes!

  4. Oh no... I'm terrified of this happening to my story. Can you revive it? Introduce a new character? More conflict?

  5. The problem with my story is that I started out thinking of it as a two-parter. I knew what the last sentence was going to be. And then I got there and realized that it didn't feel complete, but I didn't have quite enough to do a whole second 50k words, which is why I decided to shoot for something in the 80k-100k range to wrap up the whole thing. Unfortunately, I spent so much time thinking about how to get to that last sentence that I have no vision of where it goes from there. I have a couple of ideas that could play out based on some passages that I included in earlier drafts, but I don't know how tied to them I am. I don't want to write those storylines just for the sake of meeting a word count if they're not going to fit with my vision. That's what makes me a terrible NaNo contestant - I don't want to write for the sake of word count. I'm such an English major. :-)

  6. Haha! Totally fair and just as important! Can you pinpoint why you think it's not finished? As in, what's missing?

    I suppose you could work on those ideas you had and see if they fit later. Or, maybe purely focus on editing what you've got instead of adding to it and maybe it will come to you as you work the story? Or, perhaps you've already been doing that? Don't give up on it! I think you can definitely finish it!

  7. I think that is amazing you are doing this!!!! I have read about it for a few years and always thought "maybe next year I will try it" aaand needless to say yet again I have not. However I love hearing about people who do it. So....way to go and keep it up (a little stranger encouragement is always helpful!)

  8. I agree that it is so amazing that you're doing it! Keep it up Nette!!

  9. But your blog tells me you're doing NaBloPoMo? That's a feat too! I think I might do it next year too - you can always join in the fun then!

  10. We can swap November challenges 2013 ;) I have to say that the posting month is definitely easier than writing a novel, you could maybe tell by some of my clearly scrambled posts!