There is no end to the playing

Instead of a photo for Photo Friday, I have a video!

Actually, first a story. At the beginning of the month, when I first started NaNoWriMo, I thought I might try dabbling in some video blogging (vlogging!). I thought for sure I would be SO SICK of writing and completely uninspired for sharing my life with you here. But, surely it wouldn’t be that hard to sit down in front of my computer and babble away about some random topic, right?

Obviously, that didn’t happen! Turns out – if I want to do a video, I want to script it. Which means I might as well just take said script and post it here because, oh, hey, look! A script for a vlog is almost just like a blog post! Besides that, I’m relatively certain any vlog I create would be as boring as boots. Especially if it’s scripted.

I shouldn’t inflict the world with my face and my nattering voice, should I?

However, I don’t think my puppies are boring! So, this morning, I made this video of Kingsley and Mocha being good and uploaded it to youtube, thinking it was my first ever youtube video. I was wrong. Apparently, when I tried to upload another, far cuter video a month or two back, it actually worked!

And, it’s adorable. See?

In this video, you also get to see our messy backyard, which has a whole bunch of crap from our mudroom reno piled against the the garage and a wheelbarrow full of weeds from the garden that I think, at one point, we had good intentions of putting on the curb in one of those gigantic paper bags.

Now that you’ve seen a cute video of my dogs and read a bunch of babble, I want to bring up an actually serious topic.

Get Off My Internets.

Specifically, the forums!

I’ve been aware of this blog/community for a long time. And, I’ll admit it! I find it amusing! Important, even. I mean, in the process of following our favourite bloggers, we can forget our critical thinking caps at home. We buy into the images that bloggers create for themselves all the time. We get hoodwinked. But. At the same time, GOMI seems to walk a frighteningly thin line between providing a little snarky entertainment and, well… full-on cyberbullying. Or, have we all just become a little too sensitive? Bloggers put themselves out there and not everyone is always going to love the things they have to say.

I know many of you who read my blog are bloggers yourselves. And, many of you who read my blog are readers with strong opinions about the blogs you read. What do you think of GOMI? Is it fair? Does it cross the line?

0 thoughts on “There is no end to the playing

  1. 1) your puppies are adorable!! And very well behaved I might add!
    2) I haven't heard of GOMI before, but I've watched beauty videos on YouTube and those girls get some serious hate on the interwebs. I think it's one thing to unsubscribe becauses your not a fan of a site anymore, but I think it's definitely taken a bit far on forums sometimes.
    3) I'll make a vlog if you make a vlog? I've kind of been wanting to make a video myself, might be kinda fun? I just think it might be odd talking to a camera alone in my room haha

  2. I had never heard of GOMI before reading your post. I had a quick look and it is just kind of bullying really. (my personal opinion) I know for a fact I have blogged boring or stupid posts and I would just hope that someone would just choose to stop reading my blog instead of putting it into a forum and calling me out for being a jackass. Granted some of the posts that they commented on were pretty dumb, but no need to draw them to a wider audiences attention.

  3. I've read it for the entertainment but I find it to be too mean usually. One of my friends and I discuss our fave popular blogs and usually find something we dislike but I would never go so far to attack someone (or their family) on the internet. If you don't have something nice or attempting to be helpful (gee that DIY looks dangerous/ugly), you should just unsubscribe. No one forces you to read it, a la Brittany. I think it shows off how envious or nasty jealous people can get, some people are snarky funny, others are cray cray…

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