house plants

A Christmas Cactus

Last Christmas, I bought the Husband a little Christmas cactus. It was already blooming when I bought it, so we got to enjoy its pretty pink blossoms until they fell off mid-January or February. Since then, we’ve taken care of it as best as we can, watering it occasionally, but not too often, and giving it a bright and sunny space, but not right in direct sunlight.

Christmas cacti bloom at Christmas and, if cared for well, Easter. Ours did not bloom at Easter and I had little hope for Christmas. They can be tricky, picky things, easy to keep alive, difficult to encourage to thrive. So, I was excited, thrilled, when I saw little balls of light green form on the ends of the stem. Now, the buds are turning pink and my faith in our ability to keep houseplants is returning.

I suppose this is a sign that Christmas is on it’s way, but I can promise you, you won’t find a single Christmas bauble hanging in our house until December first.

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