Things for Thursday

Three Things for Thursday

One: NaNoWriMo

Day 7
1037 words
12 799 words total
37 201 to go

Day seven marked one week of NaNoWriMo. It also marked the first day I didn’t hit and exceed my word count goal for the day. I guess it was ok, since I’m on ‘par’ for Day 8 already and could decide to write no words at all today and still be on track. I will, instead, write as many words as I can tonight in the few moments that I have in between long meetings and bed.

I’m worried that the words I’m writing are terrible. In fact, I know they’re terrible. And I know that they’re supposed to be terrible, except that I used to feel that the fiction I wrote when I was younger was, generally, not bad, even in its rough form. I feel like I may have lost some of the talent for words that I thought was natural. I took it for granted, and now, I’m not sure if I even have it anymore.

Last night, a writerly friend reassured me that I’m just getting back in practice, that it’s as if I am starting to exercise again after having sat on a couch for months and months and months. Of course I can’t run 5k right out the door.

(But what if I exercise and exercise and exercise and I never get any better?)

Two: Project 333

Meg (of the awesome blog Nutmeg and Company) alerted me to the existence of Project 333 after yesterday’s frustration filled post about clothes. Thanks Meg! I kind of knew about it before, but had never truly looked into it. Now that I have, the project has piqued my interest. In a nutshell, the challenge is to cut your wardrobe down to 33 items for 3 months, to see how you can deal with less.

I’m contemplating this, not because I think it would be hard, but because it would help me focus on something that is sorely lacking in my wardrobe, something that may, largely, be the cause of my frustration: versatility. My wardrobe is full of cute tops that don’t go with cardigans to make them warm, and skirts but no tights to make them winter-suitable. The Project 333 deal requires your closet to contain things that go with all sorts of other things. In fact, the best Project 333 closet should allow you to grab any top and any bottom and stick them together, no fuss, no muss, no yelling at your dogs because you’re frustrated that the shoes you want to wear don’t go with your only clean pair of tights because they’re purple.

I think I’m going to tackle this. But… not ’til my novels done. Or, maybe on Sunday. We’ll see how I feel. Anyone want to try it with me?

Three: A Pretty Bedroom

In my novel, my main character woke up in the master bedroom of a farmhouse that looks an awful lot like my parents’ room in the farmhouse in which I grew up. My writing comes from my childhood a lot, it seems. So, here you go! A farmhouse bedroom.

This one, however, looks nothing at all like my parents’ bedroom in the house I grew up in.
Soon, my main character will go to a bar. I’m just not sure how to get her there yet.
Happy Thursday!

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