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Three Things for Thursday: NaNoWriMo Style


I wrote 352 words on the subway this morning.

They’re not very good words, but at least they’re words.


This blog post says it like it is in a way that is both sobering and encouraging at the same time. In fact, this whole blog seems to be filled with good words for writers.


I should have done this yesterday, but we were hiding in our bedroom with Netflix from all the kids that we didn’t buy candy for because our dogs are crazy and would probably knock a couple princesses, witches and ghosts down and then we’d end up with a lawsuit on our hands. So, I’m going to do it tonight instead, when I should be writing, but will be procrastinating instead.

I’m going to take over the dining room for my writing office. It won’t look like this:

But it will probably be a cozy enough writing space anyway.
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