Thursday, October 11, 2012

Three Things for Thursday

One: Yellow

I would like a yellow cardigan. And a polka dot skirt.

I need to go thrifting.

Two: Fall

Every year we spend in Toronto, I feel like I miss it. I suppose the Husband sees it every morning and night as he snakes onto the Don Valley Parkway, which, in truth, is a beautiful place to see fall. But me? Ours is not a heavily wooded street, and I spend far too many hours in the day inside a little windowless office. Being outdoors probably would help much though. There are not the same number of trees here. I miss the flaming red and the bright pops of yellow.

We spent the weekend in the country and, even though I'd heard the colours are more muted this year, I did my best to absorb as much fall as I could.

Three: Inspiration.

I need some. What's inspiring you these days? Share?


  1. Fall seems to skip the cities. Makes me sad. :(

  2. I wish I could have a yellow sweater. Too bad the colour makes me look awful :( A polkadot skirt though would totally work :)
    If you find any new sources on inspiration let me know - I'm in need as well

  3. These are beautiful inspiration photos! The mustard yellow is such a nice color for fall!