Things for Thursday

Three Things for Thursday

One: Thank You

I have been supported. I have been re-affirmed. I have been encouraged. 
I am so blessed. There is more than one reason for this daily conversation, but one of the main reasons I love blogging is you guys. Thank you for all your kind words on yesterday’s identity-searching post. Thank you for being here and reading this. You mean the world to me.
Two: Sugar-Free, Almost Success

Today marks my first day back on sugar. To jog your memory, last week, I announced a 10 day sugar detox after a particularly sugar-high weekend. I went completely sugar-free, cutting out any and all foods that have sugar as an added ingredient. Naturally occurring sugars in fruit and other foods was ok, but sugar, honey, maple syrup, agave syrup – sorry, everyone; even ‘natural’ sweeteners aren’t good for you. 
Admittedly, it wasn’t a perfect 10 days. I accepted a single piece of bread last Sunday and, at the Blurb event on Tuesday, I went a little nuts for appetizers, little tortilla wraps, meatballs, mini pizza pieces, all most certainly made with added sugar, allowing the indiscretion only because they were all I was going to eat for supper.
10 days later, I’m back down to the weight I’m supposed to be at (I put on approximately 5 pounds in that one crazy weekend – weight that wouldn’t have stuck around anyway – but had been gradually creeping upwards for the past month to begin with) and feeling good. However, I have some thoughts:
  1. I was not as ‘addicted’ to sugar as I thought I was. The first few days were really confusing. I wasn’t limiting my diet in an extreme way or anything, but I thought the first few days should have been harder than they were. I experienced no symptoms of ‘withdrawal’ and experienced very few cravings. I would encourage everyone to try a simple 10 days of cutting out sugar, if only to determine if it’s actually a problem in your diet. It might not be!
  2. Such a restrictive diet is unrealistic for the long term. That sounds weird, doesn’t it? One would think that cutting out added sugar would really only mean cutting out sweets, honey coated granola bars, sugary cereals, sweet baked goods and pastries. Surprise, surprise: it also means cutting out most tomato sauces, almost all breads, peanut butter, salad dressings, dips, etc. etc. There is a lot more sugar in the foods we eat than one might expect.
Three: Socks with Flats

This morning, as I spent the morning scowling at my closet (I had on one outfit, then disappeared back into the bedroom and re-emerged in something completely different. It was one of those moments in which the Husband was left surprised and I jealous of his simplistic wardrobe.), I found myself complaining about flats. Whose bright idea was it to insist that socks and flats don’t belong together? In fact, there seems to be this unwritten rule that women and socks don’t belong together. 
Guys. I like socks. Like, a lot. Socks are some of the most comfortable things in the world. Flats are comfortable, but they’re made far more so by a simple sock.
After I complained about this and rebelliously pulled on a pair of black socks and my grey, sock-covering flats, The Husband sent me a text on his way to work: 
“I just saw a girl wearing flats and socks.”
It made my morning.

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