Monday Musings: A Sunday romp. Through yellow leaves. With dogs.

Leaves become most beautiful when they’re about to die.
– Regina Spektor
Autumn is the most alive of all the seasons. As the cold moves in and the bite of winter threatens, I feel the energy returning after the lethargic, drowsy days of summer. The trees turn, preparing for a long winter of dormancy. How can, winter, such a quiet season not be proceeded by a flurry of preparation?
This is how I prepare:
Long walks through beautiful golden bushes and bright, emerald green fields full of winter wheat.
Long talks with friends and family, encouraging, and pushing them to grow.
Long moments of quiet thought, in which I hope to be pushed to grow myself.
Long snuggles with favourite puppies and and even more favourite babies.
Long afternoons, making warm, comforting meals to share and enjoy.

Our weekend included a family gathering to coo over the most adorable baby in the world, my nephew. The look on his great grandparents’ faces as they scooped him into their strong capable arms was priceless. It was that moment in which I realized how strong those familial bonds can be, even though things are not always smooth, even though stubbornness and changing values can get in the way of truly knowing and understanding each generation. Even though sometimes there’s turmoil, Baby Daniel belongs in this group of people, is loved absolutely by this group of people, is accepted and cherished by this group of people.

Whether you like it or not.
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