Black Coffee

Today, I am drinking black coffee.

I don’t usually drink black coffee. I like my coffee creamy and sweet, but still piping hot. Generally, I’m more of a double-double person, though I’ve been working hard – and successfully! – at turning into a regular person.

(Do they have double-doubles in the States? That’s two cream, two sugar. And regular – one cream, one sugar? Is it a Canadian thing to call our coffees by other names?)

One of my coworkers insists that, if I just start drinking black coffee, every other kind of coffee will seem too sweet, too creamy. So far, I don’t believe him. I am shocked, however, that I’m halfway to the bottom of my cup and I haven’t thrown it out in disgust. So, maybe. Maybe.

Why am I drinking black coffee when I’m truly a double-double girl?

I ate too much candy.


Way too much candy.

Once a year, I organize a retreat for my youth group. We go to a retreat centre/camp that has all sorts of activities for them, I plan a few deep discussions for the weekend, and the rest of the time, we play games, watch movies and… eat candy. Lots and lots of candy.

The retreat was great! I love spending the weekend with those kids. But, after spending the weekend gorging myself on fuzzy peaches, chocolate rose buds, Mars bars, Skittles, and sour keys, I came home feeling like shit. So, as I finished off a bag of hot lips that I found hidden in my bag while watching The Walking Dead on Sunday night, I presented myself – and my husband – with a challenge.

No sugar. For 10 days.

This doesn’t just encompass candy and chocolate and sugary cereals. It’s everything. So many foods have added sugar and I’m trying to cut out as many of those things as possible. This means I had to forgo to Mandarin and poppyseed salad dressing for my cole slaw on Monday and stick with a balsamic and olive oil mix instead. It means that many breads are out; cereals too.

This won’t be easy. My mother reminded me that these 10 days include a visit with my sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and dozens of friends and family members. Food abounds at the events. Sugary foods abound at these events. And yet, I’m going to have to be good.

Wish me luck.

Please follow!