Black Coffee

Today, I am drinking black coffee.

I don’t usually drink black coffee. I like my coffee creamy and sweet, but still piping hot. Generally, I’m more of a double-double person, though I’ve been working hard – and successfully! – at turning into a regular person.

(Do they have double-doubles in the States? That’s two cream, two sugar. And regular – one cream, one sugar? Is it a Canadian thing to call our coffees by other names?)

One of my coworkers insists that, if I just start drinking black coffee, every other kind of coffee will seem too sweet, too creamy. So far, I don’t believe him. I am shocked, however, that I’m halfway to the bottom of my cup and I haven’t thrown it out in disgust. So, maybe. Maybe.

Why am I drinking black coffee when I’m truly a double-double girl?

I ate too much candy.


Way too much candy.

Once a year, I organize a retreat for my youth group. We go to a retreat centre/camp that has all sorts of activities for them, I plan a few deep discussions for the weekend, and the rest of the time, we play games, watch movies and… eat candy. Lots and lots of candy.

The retreat was great! I love spending the weekend with those kids. But, after spending the weekend gorging myself on fuzzy peaches, chocolate rose buds, Mars bars, Skittles, and sour keys, I came home feeling like shit. So, as I finished off a bag of hot lips that I found hidden in my bag while watching The Walking Dead on Sunday night, I presented myself – and my husband – with a challenge.

No sugar. For 10 days.

This doesn’t just encompass candy and chocolate and sugary cereals. It’s everything. So many foods have added sugar and I’m trying to cut out as many of those things as possible. This means I had to forgo to Mandarin and poppyseed salad dressing for my cole slaw on Monday and stick with a balsamic and olive oil mix instead. It means that many breads are out; cereals too.

This won’t be easy. My mother reminded me that these 10 days include a visit with my sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and dozens of friends and family members. Food abounds at the events. Sugary foods abound at these events. And yet, I’m going to have to be good.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Good for you for taking on this challenge… I love my sweets way to much to cut out sugar completely. For the most part I have a pretty clean diet (during the week), but I still think it could be cleaner…

    BTW, when I went to Ithaca, NY last month I pulled into a Tim Horton's (I know! A Tim Horton's in the US – I was shocked & then happy), and I ordered a "Regular"… I was then asked if I would like anything in it… so I assume when you say regular they think you mean not decaf….?

  2. If I could make a squiggly emoticon face that is all I would post here…no sugar in my coffee….world ending….Ok, I am exaggerating – I actually I recently cut down the sugar in my coffee to a quarter of a tsp but I just can't seem to get to that point of no sugar at all.

  3. You've got this, girl!! I've become a black coffee drinker, and I used to only like coffee with the sweetened creamer. I still love some plain cream every once in a while, but no sugar! Honestly, we've cut sugar out of our normal day-to-day diet completely and I've found I don't like a lot of sweet things I used to like. I'd love to hear your thoughts after 10 days without sugar!

    You can do it. You're stronger than the sugar cravings!

  4. When Marieke was asked what food they had to eat on the retreat she answered, "Hot chocolate and candy." Your description seems to complement her experience!

  5. Good luck! I switched to drinking french vanilla flavoured coffee and now just add milk. I know there's sugar in the coffee itself now, but it's not nearly as much!

  6. No, they don't say "double double" here – not as far as I've ever heard, at least!

    I love black coffee, and I agree that you might find it hard to go back to milk or cream in it. I find it disgusting now when there's milk in my coffee!

    Good luck kicking the sugar, I should do the same, but I LOVESUGARETOOMUCH.

  7. We grew an appreciation for black coffee recently. We use to drink double-double as well but then i realize how heavy and sweet it is so we cut back on cream & sugar. Black coffee definitely has a kick to a morning start! Hope you're having a great day so far!

  8. I'm glad I read this post! You've inspired be to try drinking my coffee black too! I realize with all the cream I add, it's probably hundreds of extra calories a day!

  9. you can do it!!!

    I drink black espressos. love espresso blk – except, well, baby still doesnt let me have caffiene…

    balsamic is high in sugar! i think I read that so check the label! I wonder if white wine vinegar does too? pretty much every flavour enhancer does! its crazy!!!

    good luck! but you dont need luck! once you get over the hump your cravings will disappear! its the BEST!

  10. Good luck! I couldn't do it. I'm a double-double girl, too, although I've never called it that before. I like the name, so from now on that's what I'm calling it.

  11. I am slowly gaining that appreciation! For the first time this morning, I took my first sip and didn't make a face! I'll definitely be going back to a little sugar once this is all done, but I think this has certainly been a fascinating experiment.

  12. I've heard that I'll have difficulty going back to sweet creamy coffee, but… I'll believe it when it happens! I love my creamy coffees!

    That's what I've been hearing from everyone! And I seriously can't wait for the first bit of chocolate next Thursday…

  13. Surprisingly, I haven't had nearly as many cravings as I expected. I think there was far less added sugar in our day-to-day diet than I thought, so I'm just really viewing this as a bit of a 'detox' I guess. It's been totally eye-opening though, in terms of how many foods have added sugar, glucose/fructose in them though!

  14. I thought that too! For the first few days, I just drank tea 'cause normally, I only take a small little smidge of sugar in my tea anyway, but then I was really missing my coffee, so I thought I'd give it a go… and it's not as terrible as I expected!

  15. Ha! You would think the Tim Hortons in the States would at least have adopted the Tim Hortons lingo of Canada!

    I love sugar way too much too, which is why I'm not attempting to make this a complete lifestyle change. I can handle 10 days! But I'm already thinking about what I'm going to have to break my sugar fast!

  16. Extra-extra is what we call it in Boston. Regular (or regulah) is our milk and sugar. I usually just drink black with splenda because I hate drinking calories. I got my BF to quit his biggest vice, the extra extra large iced coffee which, while delicious, is a total calorie bomb!

  17. Drinking calories is useful when it's a tall glass of cold milk or a pure veggie/fruit juice. But I'm totally with you – drinking sugary calories is silly. I love sweet, creamy coffee though! I'm hoping that this experiment will mean I'll need less to enjoy it though!

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