Fall 15 · thanksgiving

The #Fall15 Decorating Challenge Round-up

This week was a pretty exciting one for the blog. I participated in my first bit of blogger collaboration! And, it was fun! I was thrilled that seven other wonderful bloggers were willing to join me in a simple, seasonal decorating challenge. Sure, we were a little late – Thanksgiving is this weekend meaning fall has been quite firmly ushered in – but I hope that some of our inexpensive decorating attempts have inspired one or two of our readers to bring a little fall in.

Without further ado, a quick little mash-up of everyone’s efforts!

  1. Amelia’s mantel
  2. Casey’s TV stand
  3. Becky’s mantel
  4. Michelle’s bookcase
  5. Amanda’s spin – an illustrated table setting (and a craft idea!)
  6. Mine! A bookcase
  7. Martina’s vignette
  8. Abby’s door.
And now, now that our houses have an appropriate smattering of fall in them, Thanksgiving can come. This weekend. Or in a month from now. Whichever you prefer. I’ll be cooking a chicken. And carrot soup. Perhaps some potatoes. 
Have a thankful weekend everyone! Even if you’re not celebrating Thanksgiving until November. It’s always a good idea to have a thankful weekend, just because. 
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