Things for Thursday

Three Things for Thursday


One: Boots

I wish. I have a $100 Fairview-Cadillac gift card I’ve been carrying around with me for the past few months. Recently, I’ve determined what I want to spend it on. 


I repeat: I wish. 

A couple days ago, while killing some time before meeting up with the Husband downtown after work, I poked through Aldo and Spring with high hopes for that gift card. Turns out… boots are expensive! My $100 was useless. I couldn’t justify them considering these boots would not be my every day footwear. Skinnies and skirts – I’ve got one pair of skinnies and two dozen skirts I almost never wear.

Two: Farmers’ Markets

Last Saturday, I took my shopping bags on a 15 minute walk south to the Withrow Park Farmers’ Market.
I learned something about myself. Something I probably knew before, but something that I maybe had to relearn.
I’m intimidated by farmers’ markets.
I know, that sounds ridiculous. But, as I walked among the booths, it quickly became clear to me that the majority of the other shoppers did this every week. They knew the vendors. Could chat freely and easily with them about recipes and food and growing seasons and fall. Me? I didn’t even know for certain which types of squash they were selling. Each interaction felt awkward, forced, and, well, expensive. ‘Cause that’s the other thing: it felt like there was this unspoken rule floating from booth to booth that said I wasn’t supposed to care about the cost of the wares. Price didn’t matter – you want carrots? You buy carrots and the only reason to ask how much is so that you can count through your coins, then, gleefully pull out your last $20 instead because you don’t have enough.
Am I the only one who thinks this model is over-rated and unsustainable? Am I the only one who will admit to appreciating the prices of the mass-produced, even genetically-modified-for-higher-yields produce found in grocery stores? The only one who wonders that we maybe haven’t yet found an appropriate model for sustainability yet?

Three: Thanksgiving

Here’s a request for my fellow Canadian bloggers: stop calling Thanksgiving ‘Canadian Thanksgiving’. Our American counterparts don’t call their Thanksgiving ‘American Thanksgiving’. There is no reason for us to add the descriptor. Is our Thanksgiving less of a Thanksgiving than theirs? We celebrate ours in October; they celebrate theirs in November. But they’re all Thanksgiving. Just Thanksgiving. 
This time last year. We had duck and carrot soup for Thanksgiving dinner.
Oh dear. This post became very ranty. I’m sorry! Probably, I need a break. Probably, I need the sun to start rising before I do again. Probably, I need to up my vitamin intake.
I certainly need to rename this post “Three Things That Get My Goat for Thursday.”

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