Three Things For Thursday: Three Living Rooms

One: Tufted Sofas

I used to think that my love for tufted sofas was mainly focused on the traditional chesterfield, fixating, even, on Restoration Hardware’s Kensington. And then, Centsational Girl wrote about tufted sofas on her new Better Homes and Gardens blog and I realized that, in fact, I love most things tufted. 

Two: May It’s The Feet

Or, maybe it isn’t the tufting I love about the couch above at all. Maybe it’s the feet.
I’m sure I would end up hating having a couch on wheels, but there’s something sweet and whimsical about them, a little dash of tradition in the midst of a playful modernity. There are, of course, other things to love about this living room too. The colour of the couch? The painting on the wall? The blue accents in the curtain and side table display? Ah. Dreamy.

Three: Doors

Let’s just round this week’s Three Things with yet another living room, shall we? 

The doors! When this sneak peak went up on Design*Sponge this week, my eye was immediately drawn to the statement making doors being used as artwork above the couch. The texture they bring into this room is incredible. We have our house’s original door stored away in the garage. It’s a beautiful, slightly ornate, old wooden door with a textured glass window in it. And, a huge crack across the front. If the crack weren’t there, we would still be using it. I’ve been searching for a way we can encorporate it in somehow. I don’t think this is it, but this shot has me itching to bring it in somehow, some way.


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0 thoughts on “Three Things For Thursday: Three Living Rooms

  1. I hear you. Our couch is experience a death that is quicker than I would like since bringing a second playful puppy with claws into the house, so we'll be in the market soon. With those said puppies around, I'm not sure we'll ever be ready to jump for high quality, and pricy furniture, so a tufted sofa may be something I dream about but never actually acquire.

  2. Oh wow. These pictures are making me very much regret my sofa choice. Love the traditional styling of the tufted couch, and what's not to love about the second image – the colour, the wheels, and the poofyness of the cushions. That couch would be divine for chick flick marathons 🙂
    I love how all the sofa's in the images you posted have the same style arms 🙂

  3. Pinterest has a way of doing that, doesn't it? I'm in the slightly fortunate situation of knowing that, in the next year or so, we'll need to replace our couch. We're giving ourselves lots of time to figure out what we like and start looking at a budget.

    I didn't actually notice that all three arms were the same, but it's true! Give me a lower back and low arms with lots of pretty pillows and I'm happy.

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