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Five Hard Things About Getting A Puppy

One: House Breaking

We know all the theories. Take your dog out to the exact same place every 2 hours, tell him to pee and praise him copiously when he does. Be consistent.

I think the theories forget to take into account puppies who slurp back a whole bowl of water, pee like they’re supposed to outside, then come in, slurp back the second bowl of water and leave a large puddle on the floor half an hour later.

Thank goodness for crate training.

Two: Three and Six

AM. Kingsley is almost four months, which, if you follow the formula of (age+1)=the number of hours a puppy can hold it, means he has a bladder built for 5 hours. Generally, we sleep from 11 to 7. That’s 8 hours. So, every night, Mark’s alarm goes off at 3 am, and, for the last month, mine has gone off at 6.

It sucks.

Three: Teeth

Puppies do this thing called mouthing. They explore the world with their mouth. They want to chew, chew, chew on everything. Including hands. Human, fleshy hands. Also, they have these tiny, sharp teeth that, one day, they’ll lose so their big adult teeth can come in and take over.

Puppy teeth hurt.

Four: That moment when your puppy learns an important life lesson the hard way

Sometimes, being their highly energetic, crazy selves, puppies can hurt themselves and almost make you cry.

Last night, Kingsley was doing his best to jump to reach the cat, who was sitting on top of the radiator out of his reach. He got too close, came down on the pipes, got his fat paw stuck and his leg twisted in the bars. The yelp he made went right to my core.

I expect it will be the last time he tries to chase the kitty onto the radiator.

Five: I’m all out.

I can’t think of a fifth.

I can think of about a dozen wonderful things about getting a puppy. I can think of about a dozen things I love about Kingsley and about two dozen things I love about Mocha, who we also got as a puppy two years ago. These puppies are a part of my family.

I adore them.

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