master bedroom

What happens when you take a big bed and squeeze it into a really tiny room

You know my house is pretty tiny, right? According to the Apartment Therapy Small, Cool contest, it fits into the Tiny category. So, it should come as no surprise that we also have a tiny bedroom. What might come as a surprise is that we took said tiny bedroom and stuck big-a** bed frame in it. The thing I’m a little surprised about? It doesn’t make the room feel nearly as claustrophobic as I expected it to.

What you see here is the grand total of our bedroom. There is a wall of closets to the left with about two and a half feet of getting-dressed space between them and the bed and that? That is it. And this? Is our new bed. 
Here’s another surprise for you: while the scale of the huge-a** bed in our tiny room actually didn’t turn out too bad, I don’t like the bed frame itself. I like wood when it’s stained dark or painted light. Honey-brown kind of makes me cringe. And the square of white on the headboard? Suede. Oatmeal coloured suede. Blech. I’m sure some of you are frowning by now, ready to defend the poor bed frame and, I’ll admit: it’s a fine bed frame. But it’s just not my taste.
So, why do I suddenly have a huge bed frame in my tiny bedroom that I will readily admit a dislike for? Here’s the story: a close friend has this roommate who’s moving back to Brazil. This roommate owns a whole apartment of good quality (amazing quality) furniture that he doesn’t want to take back to his homeland with him. So, what’s his plan? Sell it, piece by piece or, preferably, the whole lot all together. For a measly $1000.
That’s $1000 for a solid wood bed frame, two matching bedside tables, one matching dresser, two (huge) table lamps, one dining room set, one loveseat, one arm chair, one coffee table, one side table and a media stand.
That’s $1000 for probably around $10 000 worth of furniture. At least. So, when said friend told the Husband and three others about the deal, I was more than happy to agree that, yes, we’d be ridiculous not to get in on this. Even if I happened to have completely opposite tastes. 
So, on Friday, the furniture dispersed to two different homes, for storage or use. We took in the bed, the bedside tables, and the lamps. Since our old bed frame was too small for our new mattress, I was excited to have a bed frame again, excited for space to shove our under-the-bed totes, excited for a headboard, as ugly as I may find it. It makes the room feel different, a little more luxurious, a little more pulled together, a little more special. 
Added bonus? The frame has made the bed too tall for Kingsley to jump up. Now, it’s a safe place for Pekoe to sleep and there’s no more crazy puppy play-fights going on among our sheets.
Have there been any big changes around your bedrooms lately? Anyone else surviving with a super tiny bedroom?
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