Photo Friday: Door

We went for a walk in Edmonton. It’s not the most exciting of cities, but we did discover the River Valley trails and I fell in love. As we left, I lamented the lack in Toronto of interconnected walking trails with multiple access points and more than one option that got you to essentially the same place. Sure, we have the Don Valley Trail, but with too few access points, there’s no such thing as a short walk. And High Park? All the way at the other end of the city.

But, I digress.

At the beginning of our long walk, we stumbled across the oldest house in Edmonton.

Perhaps stumbled isn’t the right word. My sister knew it was there. The only reason I found myself drawn to it was the bright orange trim. I’m sure it wasn’t the original colour that John Walter painted it back in 1875, but I kind of love it. Orange and white, even the antlers over the door… century old log house, I’d want it to look exactly like this.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I have an exciting house update coming your way on Monday. You might find a hint on my Pinterest boards!

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  1. I grew up (partially) in Edmonton in a little house right on the trail system. It's a beautiful city and no one gives it much credit. I was actually really disappointed in Toronto when I first moved there because of that lack of really enjoyable outdoor space. On another note: I don't think I even knew you were Canadian! Fun discovery!

  2. The way it has been so responsible with its resources is amazing. I mean, the sheer amount of space they've reserved around the river? Toronto's space around the Don River pales completely in comparison.

    I am proudly Canadian! And, I always love finding other Canadian bloggers.

  3. Thanks Ellie! I would love to see them, but I'm afraid that if they require a TTC trip, it's unlikely I'll ever use them. I know TO has a number of walking trails, but the problem I have is with the accessibility of them. The Don River trail is right close to me, but its lack of access points makes it difficult to enjoy. It could be the size of TO to blame, but I do think that Edmonton has done an excellent job of making its outdoor spaces universally accessible.

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