Things for Thursday

Three Things For Thursday

One: Shelter Mags

I think I’ve admitted this here before, but today, I’m going to do it again: I don’t subscribe to magazines. Any magazines. And sometimes, as someone who got roped into the design blogging world, I feel like that means I’m doing it wrong. I’m sure I’m not, not really, since I’ve never managed to find a list of rules one must follow in order to really and truly be considered a design blogger. Besides the lack of rules, magazines and I just don’t… click.

Take, for example, the sample copies of Style at Home or House and Home I’ve received in a couple swag bags at blogging events. I’ve flipped through them casually, maybe, and set them on my beside table, planning on absorbing them, cover to cover, like a good house blogger would do. But it just doesn’t happen.

Image via Martha Stewart

I think that this is something that will, someday, have to change, especially if I decide I want to take this writing thing seriously, especially if I want to gain a freelance writing gig or two. Someday, I’ll have to figure this magazine thing out. So, I ask you: what magazines do you subscribe to? Do you read every issue back to front?

Two: House of Fifty

Speaking of. For some reason, House of Fifty and I have clicked. Perhaps it’s the price tag. Perhaps it’s because it’s completely digital and so easy to browse through on my lunch break. Perhaps it’s because the online format takes the pressure off, removes the requirement of study, of reading every page, and admiring every style trend.

Perhaps, also, this:

House of Fifty just gets me. Modern. Traditional. All in one.

Three: Fall

Welcome to cool days and cold nights. 
Also, boots.
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