Three Things For Thursday

One: Shelter Mags

I think I’ve admitted this here before, but today, I’m going to do it again: I don’t subscribe to magazines. Any magazines. And sometimes, as someone who got roped into the design blogging world, I feel like that means I’m doing it wrong. I’m sure I’m not, not really, since I’ve never managed to find a list of rules one must follow in order to really and truly be considered a design blogger. Besides the lack of rules, magazines and I just don’t… click.

Take, for example, the sample copies of Style at Home or House and Home I’ve received in a couple swag bags at blogging events. I’ve flipped through them casually, maybe, and set them on my beside table, planning on absorbing them, cover to cover, like a good house blogger would do. But it just doesn’t happen.

Image via Martha Stewart

I think that this is something that will, someday, have to change, especially if I decide I want to take this writing thing seriously, especially if I want to gain a freelance writing gig or two. Someday, I’ll have to figure this magazine thing out. So, I ask you: what magazines do you subscribe to? Do you read every issue back to front?

Two: House of Fifty

Speaking of. For some reason, House of Fifty and I have clicked. Perhaps it’s the price tag. Perhaps it’s because it’s completely digital and so easy to browse through on my lunch break. Perhaps it’s because the online format takes the pressure off, removes the requirement of study, of reading every page, and admiring every style trend.

Perhaps, also, this:

House of Fifty just gets me. Modern. Traditional. All in one.

Three: Fall

Welcome to cool days and cold nights. 
Also, boots.

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  1. I'm with you on the shelter mags. I can't seem to quite get them either. I subscribed to House Beautiful for a year and in the beginning I would go through all the pages and towards the end of the year I was just setting them aside to read later. It was all just too much and everything was beautiful but so expensive. I currently subscribe to DIY Magazine. It only comes 4 times a year and is full of ideas and inspiration. That I read cover to cover.

  2. Me and magazines aren't really friends, either. The only one that I am currently subscribed to is House Beautiful, and that's because I won a free subscription.

    Occasionally I will buy one off the shelf, and ear mark pages, and then promptly forget about it. Never ever have I used a ear marked magazine page for inspiration – it's always off to the interwebs.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

    Perhaps one of the reasons I've never really clicked with magazines is because so many of the magazines have well-curated webpages now, that they keep incredibly current and full of inspiration. No need to spend the money for a subscription. I still think there's some value in the hard copy yet though.

  4. House and Home, Style at Home, and Dwell. I read Dwell cover to cover every time, but the others are hit and miss with me. I get more out of the blogs I follow that these mags. I do love Living Etc. when I'm in Scotland.

  5. You know what? I find that I'm no longer reading paper versions of magazines at all. I used to always get them every month but now I'm getting my design inspiration from my fave blogs and pinboards.
    But I'm with you on House of Fifty. Love it. Maybe it's because I like my stuff digital now?

  6. I think the digital nature is a big reason why House of Fifty is totally winning for me.

    I do still see the value in all these paper magazines still though. I've been finding Pinterest to be more and more bogged down by weight loss spam and many blogs require a consistent following in order to catch the awesome reveal posts. I guess what I actually see the value in is curated inspiration. Hmm. Things to think about.

  7. Hi! I know this is an old post, but I thought I'd chime in to let you know the Toronto Public Library has a bunch of magazine subscriptions that you can borrow for free. Easy on the wallet and the environment!

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