I haven’t been talking much about our garden recently. It still exists in all its disappointing glory. This will sum it up:

  1. My tomatoes went crazy, split before they ripened, fell out of their tomato cages and turned into a dirty tangle of tomato chaos. Then I stopped watering them. (Oops.)
  2. My watermelons were promising and I was dreaming of light pink fruit. Then, they got eaten. All five of them. And not by me.
  3. My eggplants were growing! Beautiful purple things. Then they got eaten. All four of them. And not by me. 
  4. My green beans are weird. Long stringy things that turn into long, dry, chewy things. Also, I don’t think I like green beans much.
  5. My hot peppers are out of control. We put that $%#! on everything.
  6. Most importantly, the Husband’s sunflowers, though they didn’t grow to be the promised 18 feet of towering yellow, have finally bloomed. And they’re beautiful.

In less than 12 hours, I will by sitting on an airplane, frantically working ends into a colourful baby blanket for four hours and getting antsy with excitement. In just a little more than 12 hours, I’m finally going to meet the little man who has been my favourite baby in the world for three whole months even though I’ve never met him.

I really, truly, cannot wait.

We have an amazing friend coming to stay with our pups while we’re gone, so all will be cared for at home, but no one will be watching out over this blog for our five day vacation. If I were a good blogger, I would probably have arranged a guest post or two for you but… in my excitement, the whole concept kind of escaped me. I may reappear for a surprise giddy-aunt post at some point during my visit, but don’t expect it.

I hope you all have a blessed week, full of family, and friends, and love, and good books, and delicious food, and music that makes you want to dance and sing at the top of your lungs.

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  1. Enjoy meeting your nephew!! And I feel your frustration with the garden growing…most of our plants got eaten as well, next summer we'll have to create some sort of garden cage to protect it all better

  2. Your sunflowers are beautiful! Sorry to hear the rest of the garden isn't doing so well. I've had some gardening troubles as well… the squirrels are digging in the pots and, I can only assume, damaging the plants' roots. Everything is dying. I'm really not sure what to do.

    The squirrels are bold… they come right up to the window, even with the cat watching!

    Hope you have a fantastic vacation and lots of visiting time with your sister and nephew. Hope to see a few pics when you come home!

  3. This made me laugh. My gardening was rather disappointing too! I posted pictures of my LAME 3 tomatoes, and 8 or so peppers. And, like you, the only thing that managed were the HOT peppers, and really, how many can one use?!?!
    Sunflowers are beautiful! Enjoy your trip!

  4. Haha! Oh, hot peppers… I love all my jalapenos and chili peppers but really? In all honesty, the bell peppers have finally started to grow as well, but they took their sweet time showing any promise at all!

    I have, quite literally, been putting hot peppers on everything. Wraps? Sprinkle some on. Jalapeno cheddar bread? Yup. Meatloaf? 2 of 'em. I used to have a very low tolerance for spicy things but I think I'm changing that!

  5. Thanks Linds! I think next year I'm going to try to plan for this a little better… the tomatoes did ok because most of them are well off the ground and difficult to reach and my carrots are still quietly tucked away in the dirt. So: tall plants, ground plants, or hot plants it is!

  6. The sunflowers are beautiful, nothing says falls like that perfect golden hue. I hope you have a great time with your nephew, it will be an incredible experience!! xoxo


  7. The photo of your sunflower is gorgeous. You captured it perfectly. Have an amazing time with your new nephew, you're going to have so much fun!

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