Three Things for Thursday: The Cottage Edition

One: The Cottage

I have to admit it: three days later, I’m still here.

Two: A study of photography

At the cottage, I tagged along on every trip out onto the water, even if I had no plans to throw on a life jacket and hit the water with a wake board. Or my bare feet. My camera came along with me. I’m sure by the end of the weekend, my cousinly companions were sick of the constant chink-click of my shutter and were grateful when my battery died and the toy was packed away in its case. I got a whole whack of cool shots. Despite the few that I love, it became abundantly clear as I flicked through them on my computer at home that I’m missing something. The images aren’t as crisp and clear as I would like and while I may be developing an innate appreciation for the interest in the light, I have yet to reach the technical mastery of the shutter speed/aperture/ISO combination to go with it. 
Perhaps I should give myself a bit of a break. After all, I was in a boat, trying to take pictures at 35 miles an hour of a person surrounded by the spray of the water behind us. But, more than anything, I want to be consistent. I want to be blur-free and exposed properly. Perhaps I’m getting there, but sometimes the progress seems so slow.

Two: Cottage Living

The cottage we were visiting is owned by the Husband’s aunt and uncle. It’s an adorable little three bedroom, plus a two bedroom bunkie, with an amazing view over the water and a dock that is heaven to lay out on for hours. Looking around, I couldn’t help but imagine what I would do with my own cottage, if I had a whole second home to decorate, to develop a whole different feel. There would be a lot of white. Painted paneling, a white couch, white chairs. Pops of bright colours in between. 
Maybe one day.

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  1. Henry's offers some intro classes to help you understand the features on your camera. I took an intro class in my area and it really helped me out. Also, remember that many people edit there photos in Picasa/PicMonkey/Photoshop to make the colours enhanced and what not. I love how you captured the water so nicely in the first picture

  2. A cottage decorated in white! I think I'd go more for earth tones, the colours that hide puppy paw prints and wet bathing suits drips!

  3. I have thought about taking a class, perhaps at one of the local colleges! It's not so much an issue of understanding my camera. Technically, I understand it the shutter/aperture/ISO relationship. Practically, I probably just need to work on developing the innate knowledge of what's used where. A class would certainly push me to become better I think.

    I use Picasa a little bit on almost all my pictures. It can be so. tedious. though.

    Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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