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I used to do a bunch of sewing. I would save any and every little bit of fabric with a plan to do something with it. I would search thrift stores for bits of ugly fabric people had donated. Walmart’s $1.99/yard bin was my heaven. As I’m sure you can imagine, my fabric stash was pretty large. It was also pretty ugly. Weird fleecy fabrics that you could do anything with. Stretchy t-shirting in a blue-grey that looked like sweatpants (in fact, I made a pair with it!). Bright blue stretch satin, cheap and shimmery.

So, I got rid of it. All of it. Now, my fabric stash is down to this*:

Two bits.
The black and white gingham came from a closing sale of a Fabricland location. It was 60% off and I was disappointed that I wasn’t finding any pretty cotton prints, so I went for the next best thing in this slightly shimmery satin. I have no idea what I’m going to make with it.
The blue on the bottom was a gift to me from my brother after he made a trip to India a couple years back. It’s even more complicated than the gingham since, as a gift, and consider the trek it to the other side of the world, I’m nervous about letting my scissors anywhere near it. 
So, instead of being turned into beautiful things, both of these fabrics live in my dining room, on a set of shelves with a bunch of other tchotchkes. I think they’re kind of pretty there, sitting underneath a little box from the Chapters Indigo Home collection, where I keep my crochet hooks and sewing needles. When I put them there, I was intent on simply tucking them away, but it wasn’t long before I realized I appreciated the charm of the little vignette.
And you? Do you have a fabric stash? Big or small? And where do you keep it: on display, or tucked away?
What would you turn this fabric into?
* Full truth: there are also scraps of fabric left in my stash from my dresser makeover and my chair makeover. I still have a problem with hoarding fabric…

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  1. I do not sew, but for some reason I keep convincing myself that I might sew. So I buy fabric. And I tend to grossly overestimate how much fabric I will need for a given project. So I have lots of fabric. They are jammed into a drawer, because I am not organized enough yet to have a pretty vignette like yours!

  2. My fabric stash is out of control. I recently purged down to one of those large cloth grocery bags (filled to the brim), and it's stashed in a closet for now. My problem is that I have a hard time not buying pretty fabrics, even when I know I have no practical use for them!

  3. I am a fabric hoarder. I have a *room* dedicated to sewing and fabric storage. So, yea, I have a stash. You could turn that pretty blue fabric into pillows. Then you'd still get to see it regularly.

  4. The thought of tossing my stash gives me hives. I also have a craft room to hide it all in but I like having small pieces to go through when I want to make something. I tend not to buy as many odds and end pieces, rather relying on project extras.

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