Keeping Puppies Safe: Dog Tags

Happy Monday! I’ve had one of those unusual weekends that involved almost nothing. I got some new tech on Saturday, then visited with some amazing friends. I spent the whole afternoon on Sunday cooking, using somethings up, and stocking up my freezer. I love productive weekends, but I can’t say I like them more than weekends like this that involve plenty of relaxing and no self-imposed deadlines for accomplishments.
One of the things we did accomplish, however, was kind of important for my own piece of mind. 

See, last week, on one of our many evening walks, a gorgeous black lab came bounding out of the dark to meet Mocha. A quick glance around proved that this pup was on his own, no laid-back owner in sight. I knocked on a nearby door, but the woman who answered had never seen the dog before. 
His collar named him Madison, but with no owner information, we were at a loss. When Madison took off into the dark back yards of the East York neighbourhood, we moved on, planning to swing by and see if he was still hanging about on our way home from our walk. 
All we needed was a phone number, and I would have been much happier knowing that Madison was not still wandering the streets. Imagining the same thing happening to my own dogs, on Saturday, we bought them each personalized name tags, outfitted with their name, our name, phone number, and address. 

I think they like them. 

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  1. Very cute! And definitely a smart idea. I saw a poodle running around the streets early in the morning once. No owner in sight. It might've been micro chipped, but that didn't do me any good because I didn't know where the nearest scanning place was and I was already late for work. A phone number is an easy way for anyone to just call the owner and let them know.

  2. A very good idea! My pets always wear personalized tags. I couldn't imagine losing a pet and not having a way to help them get back home.

    Many dogs (and cats) have chips, so if you stop by a local vet or the Humane Society they can often help them find their way back home. Which is great if you find them during the day when these places are open. Actually, when I first found Loki, that was my first step in finding out whether she had a home. After finding out she was indeed a stray, I had her chipped and got her a personalized tag (which she lost within the first month somehow).

  3. thanks for the psa! at least madison had some sort of name tag so ppl know not to turn him/her in to the pound, but that doesn't deal with what to do in an emergency scenario.

  4. True! Had it been daytime, we would have trundled him off to the nearest vet to have him checked for a microchip. I'm hoping he just wandered back home.

  5. Yup, microchips are definitely a great idea! Both Mocha and Kingsley have their chips. But I'm hoping these tags will mean a much faster reunion if they ever do take off down the street for a jaunter.

  6. YES. A million times yes. I've picked up quite a few stray dogs, and that tag makes all the difference in the world. The dogs with tags get returned to their homes that same day, while the ones without take much longer, if they ever get home. Microchips are fantastic, but I really recommend both. I always seem to find stray dogs when vet clinics are closed, so I don't have a way to check for a chip until at least the next day. A tag is much easier! Glad your little cuties are all set.

  7. Agreed! A tag is perfect for a wandering dog. I'm pretty certain Madison was only a street or two away from home, so a quick phone call would have been really easy to make sure he was safe.

  8. This is something Franky and I should do asap. Does Mocha and Kingsley have a "chip" in them? I remember it was an option when we got Sammy spayed but we didnt do it.

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