Things for Thursday

Three Things For Thursday

One: An Office

My company – the one which pays me to write stuff for them – is in the process of a big move. I’m looking forward to it. The new location knocks about 10 minutes off my hour and twenty minute commute and allows for smoother subway to train connections. The other reason I’m looking forward to it? I get my own office! With a door. And walls. Walls I could, perhaps, decorate.
How much of yourself do you put into your at-work office? All out? Nothing at all?

Two: Artwork

A couple days ago, I stumbled across this painting by artist Barbara Hester and I fell in love.

Three: Bathroom Storage

I’ve been thinking a lot about organizing lately. There’s good reason for this. Without getting into any details, we will soon have to become far better housekeepers than we are. We aren’t terrible. But organization is one of our downfalls, which leads to a house that gets messy awfully fast. 
Our bathroom is one of those spaces that could definitely benefit from a lot more organization. It’s tiny. And it works, with the help of enough baskets to corral my make-up and hair products and cleaning supplies and extra toilet paper. But I feel like I would probably enjoy the space a lot more if the vanity did end up covered in my crap all the time.
And this is just really cute. I know precisely what mine would look like and precisely where it would go. 
Please follow!