A Remade Mudroom (Almost)

Why did I leave you hanging yesterday? Why didn’t I just get right to the details, since that’s really what you’re interested in anyway?

Well. I’ll admit it. I wasn’t finished yet. There were touch-ups to do.

Granted, there are still touch-ups to do. But, well before breakfast this morning, I pulled out my cans of white and yellow paint and covered over the wood fill in the screw holes, just so I could share the progress on this project with you guys.

Don’t forget what the mudroom looked like, way back in the beginning.

It was a little dingy. A little cramped. And perhaps it still is a little cramped, but I don’t think you could call most of it dingy anymore. We’re getting there.
Lack of one side of trim aside, what did we get up to this weekend? 
  • We tiled!
  • We built some steps.
  • We hung some hooks. 

When I make a list like that, it doesn’t actually seem like much. But just wait! Let me show you the parts I’m the most proud of.
The tile, details of which are coming soon – no, we didn’t use the gorgeous, 12×24 inch tile I had talked about last week – goes a long way to making the space feel polished, finished. This was precisely our goal with this project, to extend the renovated feel of the house back here to our mudroom. Accomplished!
There are now matching sets of hooks on each side of the room. Yellow stripes, and high contrast black hooks. Creating these hook boards was my creative outlet for the weekend. I loved it and it was surprisingly simple. Time consuming, but definitely simply. I’ll be sharing how I accomplished it in a few days.
And finally, what might be my favourite part of the whole room:
In keeping with the striped theme I started with the hooks, I painted the backs of our new steps – which are stained with the darkest stain we could find to match our dark bamboo – in stripes of yellow. Originally, I was going to do them all vertical. And then I realized just how difficult that would be, making sure each line was lined up perfectly with the step below. A solution that ended up far more interesting anyway? Make them all different! I even managed to pull off a chevron!

I’m sure you can tell there’s a lot yet to do here. That’s a list for another day. But I’m pleased with our progress! Pleased with how far it’s come.

What do you think? Have you painted lines on anything recently? Is it not one of the most satisfying DIY projects out there?

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