Photo Friday: A door

This is an unused door on the side of my parents’ barn. The barn is empty and has been for decades. This door will never be painted again. Someday, when it rots away fully, it might be ripped out and replaced with more cinderblocks or concrete.

And yet, it’s charming.

When the Husband and I got married, we stood in front of this door to have our picture taken. Our photographer had seen the charm too. When we dropped by for a short visit a few weeks ago, it looked amazingly different. There was grass and weeds and flowers growing up around the barn where in May of 2010, the grass was barely grown, chopped down by my father on a lawnmower, mud in the field, nothing really.

It’s a far cry from the bramble that’s there today.

I’m thinking of framing this shot of the door. Perhaps it needs a little tweaking with some photo editing software first, but I think it would look good on my gallery wall, a little reminder of our wedding day.

I hope you’re all enjoying the rain today! I know I am.

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