Three Things for Thursday: Skinny Jeans

One: My Closet and Priorities

My company gave me a gift card to the mall for being awesome or something like that. (It’s an employee of the month thing.) I don’t go shopping much and, when I do, I always talk myself out of buying anything. I’m penny-pinching, miserly, tightfisted, even when we don’t have to be. We made a choice: buying the house and paying it off aggressively has taken far more priority than our closets.

But, admittedly, I sometimes wish my closet took more priority. I like clothes! I like looking well put together. I wish it contained more quality and less cheap junk. One day, I’ll get there. Just not right now.

Two: Skinny Jeans

So, I took my mall gift card to the Eaton’s Centre on the weekend and bought a pair of skinny jeans.

Red skinny jeans, in fact.

And I love them. I’ve tried on my fair share of skinnies and have always been a little hesitant. Let’s face it: skinny jeans don’t look good on everyone. I would argue that there are some women who really shouldn’t ever wear skinny jeans. I was worried that one of those people was, well… me. I’m short. Most jeans are way too long for me. Take super-tight jeans, add on about 5 inches of too much pant and suddenly, the whole look is gone. 
Perhaps I’ve been getting used to how they look since so many people are wearing them these days. Perhaps the makers of skinny jeans have gotten wise to the plight of those of us who stand under 5’5″. Whatever the case may be, I tried on a pair of red skinny jeans on Sunday and pretty much fell in love. 
I finally feel almost on trend. 

Three: Sizing

I bought a size 24 skinny jean. 
I am not a size 24.
Later, in American Eagle, I bought a size 2 boot cut jean (for 17.50! Whoot!). Since when I have I been a size 2? 
I started thinking about it later. 24 was the smallest size in the skinnies. Size 2? There was a size 0, but that’s it. I am not the smallest of the small. What do girls who are smaller than me do? Why are we penalizing them for the sake of vanity?
I still have about half of my gift card left. What else should I be adding to my wardrobe? What are your must-haves, can’t-live-withouts?

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  1. Awesome, red skinnys! Bravo! I think the next staple is a classic black blazer – you know like the Smythe kind, but a knock-off at H&M. Try being 6 ft and finding jeans. My daughters used to be double 00 and 5'11", no jeans for them without them looking like they were expecting a flood.

  2. It took me awhile to get used to skinnies too! Red is going to be awesome for the upcoming fall- great fall look with boots!

    I have the same sizing question in the other direction. I often wear a size 14 or L/XL and I am a healthy BMI. So I'm not even overweight and Im in the largest size?? As for your length issue, I would just invest in a professional hem (for jeans especially, DIY for dress pants). I like mine a couple inches long so I can wear heels with my jeans

    As for staples
    – black blazer
    – dark jeans
    – white Tshirt

    You can't go wrong with that combo! Maybe buy some boots or a scarf for the fall?

  3. I hate shopping for jeans! It's one of those things that takes all day and often I haven't found anything I like at the end of the day. If I'm shopping at the mall, my first stop is usually The Bay. While the prices are usually a bit higher than I'd like, I can almost always find something there that fits me. However, I usually start by looking at a thrift store, I've come across some great finds, and then if I don't find anything head out to the mall.

    I agree though, almost everything is too long for us "average height" girls. When I can find something that fits my waist, I am very cautious about the price tag, knowing I will have to shell out just a bit more to have the jeans hemmed. Then I worry about whether they will still look good a few inches shorter or if having them hemmed will change the style too much.

  4. I've been worried for years that I was in imminent danger of being sized out of many clothing stores sizing. And there exist people smaller than me!

    I've read an industry insider swearing up and down that it's not actually a matter of vanity. It's actually that they center their size range at some kind of "average" person. So if the average person gets bigger, so do all their sizes. I'm not sure I buy that, but there you have it. (And this doesn't explain the trouble larger people have finding clothes.)

    In any case, the solution is to find the stores that still believe you exist.
    Or get your clothing tailored.

  5. You were one of the people I was thinking of when I was writing this post! I hate hemming pants, jeans especially, because they just don't look right once you do. Also, I prefer my jeans to hide as much of my foot as possible because I think it makes me look taller. Probably it just makes me look stupid, but whatever.

  6. I think the red was one of the things that made me like the pants… I tried on a pair that looked like faded black jeans first and hated them, but since the red ones weren't trying so hard to look like jeans, they seemed to work.

    I got the dark jeans covered. Perhaps the blazer… that's another one of those things I think I look funny in.

  7. Blazers are another one of those things I think I look funny in! Perhaps I just have to get over that. I know they're so versatile. And would probably look awesome with red skinnies. Hmm..

    Oh, I can imagine the pain of tall girls pants shopping! I have it super easy… my pants are always a little long, but whatever – I can usually find them cheap, so if I walk the backs off, no biggy. Being tall though… No one wants to look like they were expecting a flood!

  8. Ah they make the strangest sizing. I am size 2 in AE, but size 9 in a suit jacket I just bought from juniors. Juniors sizing is really strange. Some stores like Sears have the smallest size of 2 which is too large for me. I guess smaller people just shop in juniors but I find that to be cheaper looking.

    As for what I can't live without, nice t-shirts that can be dressed up or down, nice fitting pencil skirts, and endless black pants and cardigans for work. Plus some fun dresses in neutral/matching colors to my other wardrobe items!

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