Things for Thursday

Three Things for Thursday: Skinny Jeans

One: My Closet and Priorities

My company gave me a gift card to the mall for being awesome or something like that. (It’s an employee of the month thing.) I don’t go shopping much and, when I do, I always talk myself out of buying anything. I’m penny-pinching, miserly, tightfisted, even when we don’t have to be. We made a choice: buying the house and paying it off aggressively has taken far more priority than our closets.

But, admittedly, I sometimes wish my closet took more priority. I like clothes! I like looking well put together. I wish it contained more quality and less cheap junk. One day, I’ll get there. Just not right now.

Two: Skinny Jeans

So, I took my mall gift card to the Eaton’s Centre on the weekend and bought a pair of skinny jeans.

Red skinny jeans, in fact.

And I love them. I’ve tried on my fair share of skinnies and have always been a little hesitant. Let’s face it: skinny jeans don’t look good on everyone. I would argue that there are some women who really shouldn’t ever wear skinny jeans. I was worried that one of those people was, well… me. I’m short. Most jeans are way too long for me. Take super-tight jeans, add on about 5 inches of too much pant and suddenly, the whole look is gone. 
Perhaps I’ve been getting used to how they look since so many people are wearing them these days. Perhaps the makers of skinny jeans have gotten wise to the plight of those of us who stand under 5’5″. Whatever the case may be, I tried on a pair of red skinny jeans on Sunday and pretty much fell in love. 
I finally feel almost on trend. 

Three: Sizing

I bought a size 24 skinny jean. 
I am not a size 24.
Later, in American Eagle, I bought a size 2 boot cut jean (for 17.50! Whoot!). Since when I have I been a size 2? 
I started thinking about it later. 24 was the smallest size in the skinnies. Size 2? There was a size 0, but that’s it. I am not the smallest of the small. What do girls who are smaller than me do? Why are we penalizing them for the sake of vanity?
I still have about half of my gift card left. What else should I be adding to my wardrobe? What are your must-haves, can’t-live-withouts?
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