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Dog de-Skunking

Last night, at about 11:15, I’d already been snuggled in bed for nearly half an hour, gobbling my way through Rohinton Mistry’s Family Matters and contemplating turning off the light and drifting off to sleep even though the Husband hadn’t yet come to bed. He was doing his thing, letting the dog outside for her one last romp in the backyard before bed, brushing his teeth, picking all our shoes up on the floor in case Mocha got hungry in the night, etc. etc.

And, then, we heard Mocha going nuts at something. This isn’t unusual. She protects her territory from all manner of other creatures: squirrels, raccoons, neighbouring cats. We don’t just let her bark though, especially after 9 pm, so the Husband hurried to the back door to call her in and get her to be quiet.

Obediently, she came. And with her came the overpowering stench of burning rubber. We both agreed – it didn’t smell anything at all like what we’d expected.

Grumbling, I put my book down. Ordered her into the tub. Grabbed my phone. Googled ‘deskunking dogs’. Breathed a sigh of relief that, after Pekoe’s abscess incident, we actually have some hydrogen peroxide in the house.

Half an hour later, we finally settled back down, the dog, blissfully, smelling like nothing but herself, and the smell of skunk still lingering in the air of our bedroom. This morning, no remnants of the smell remain and I am so grateful.

So, instead of our usual Photo Friday, I’m going to share this miracle de-skunking trick.

How to de-Skunk your dog at 11:30 at night with things you should already have in the house

Take some baking soda – approximately 1/4 cup – and put it in a bowl.

Add a couple of squeezes of dish detergent from your pretty dish detergent hand pump. Approximately 1 to 2 teaspoons

Pour in a generous amount of hydrogen peroxide. Most recipes say 1 quart which is 4 cups, but I didn’t want to use up all of my hydrogen peroxide, so I used maybe 1 cup and it worked just as well. 

Mix it all up. 

Work the mix into your dog’s fur, all over, being very careful to avoid the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. 

Allow it to sit for a while, then rinse well. 

Be amazed at how easily the smell came out. 

Put away the tomato paste. 
Please follow!